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Aug-2021Hydrological Effects on Seismic‐Noise Monitoring in Karstic MediaAlmagro Vidal, Carlos* ; Zaccarelli, Lucia* ; Pintori, Francesco* ; Bragato, Pier Luigi* ; Serpelloni, Enrico* 
2018Hydrologically Induced Karst Deformation: Insights From GPS Measurements in the Adria-Eurasia Plate Boundary ZoneSerpelloni, Enrico* ; Pintori, Francesco* ; Gualandi, Adriano* ; Scoccimarro, Enrico* ; Cavaliere, Adriano* ; Anderlini, Letizia* ; Belardinelli, Maria Elina* ; Todesco, Micol* 
2021Mechanical Response of Shallow Crust to Groundwater Storage Variations: Inferences From Deformation and Seismic Observations in the Eastern Southern Alps, ItalyPintori, Francesco* ; Serpelloni, Enrico* ; Longuevergne, Laurent* ; Garcia, Alexander* ; Faenza, Licia* ; D'Alberto, Lucio* ; Gualandi, Adriano* ; Belardinelli, Maria Elina* 
Sep-2021Post‐Seismic Deformation Related to the 2016 Central Italy Seismic Sequence From GPS Displacement Time‐SeriesMandler, Eugenio* ; Pintori, Francesco* ; Gualandi, Adriano* ; Anderlini, Letizia* ; Serpelloni, Enrico* ; Belardinelli, Maria Elina* 
1-Jun-2022Surface Velocities and Strain-Rates in the Euro-Mediterranean Region From Massive GPS Data ProcessingSerpelloni, Enrico* ; Cavaliere, Adriano* ; Martelli, Leonardo* ; Pintori, Francesco* ; Anderlini, Letizia* ; Borghi, Alessandra* ; Randazzo, Daniele* ; Bruni, Sergio* ; Devoti, Roberto* ; Perfetti, Paolo* ; Cacciaguerra, Stefano*