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2018Analysis of Soil Erosion Induced by Heavy Rainfall: A Case Study from the NE Abruzzo Hills Area in Central ItalyPiacentini, Tommaso* ; Galli, Alberto* ; Marsala, Vincenzo* ; Miccadei, Enrico* 
9-Sep-2021Earthquake-induced landslides susceptibility evaluation: A case study from the Abruzzo region (Central Italy)Carabella, Cristiano* ; Cinosi, Jacopo* ; Piattelli, Valerio* ; Burrato, Pierfrancesco* ; Miccadei, Enrico* 
2019The “Fan of the Terre Peligne”: Integrated Enhancement and Valorization of the Archeological and Geological Heritage of an Inner-Mountain Area (Abruzzo, Central Apennines, Italy)Piacentini, Tommaso* ; Somma, Maria Carla* ; Antonelli, Sonia* ; Buccolini, Marcello* ; Esposito, Gianluca* ; Mancinelli, Vania* ; Miccadei, Enrico* 
2019Geological tourist mapping of the Mount Serrone fault Geosite (Gioia dei Marsi, Central Apennines, Italy)Piacentini, Tommaso* ; Miccadei, Enrico* ; Berardini, Gianclemente* ; Aratari, Luigi* ; De Ioris, Antonio* ; Calista, Monia* ; Carabella, Cristiano* ; d’Arielli, Roberto* ; Mancinelli, Vania* ; Paglia, Giorgio* ; Buccolini, Marcello* 
2020Geomorphological analysis of drainage changes in the NE Apennines piedmont area: the case of the middle Tavo River bend (Abruzzo, Central Italy)Carabella, Cristiano* ; Buccolini, Marcello* ; Galli, Luca* ; Miccadei, Enrico* ; Paglia, Giorgio* ; Piacentini, Tommaso* 
2019Geomorphology of soft clastic rock coasts in the mid-western Adriatic Sea (Abruzzo, Italy)Miccadei, Enrico* ; Mascioli, F* ; Ricci, F* ; Piacentini, Tommaso* 
20-Sep-2021Morphoneotectonics of the Abruzzo Periadriatic Area (Central Italy): Morphometric Analysis and Morphological Evidence of Tectonics FeaturesMiccadei, Enrico* ; Carabella, Cristiano* ; Paglia, Giorgio* 
15-Jan-2007Morphostructural setting of the Sangro and Volturno Rivers divide area (Central-Southern Apennines, Italy)Ascione, A.* ; Miccadei, E.* ; Villani, F.* ; Berti, C.* 
2019Morphostructural, Meteorological and Seismic Factors Controlling Landslides in Weak Rocks: The Case Studies of Castelnuovo and Ponzano (North East Abruzzo, Central Italy)Calista, Monia* ; Miccadei, Enrico* ; Piacentini, Tommaso* ; Sciarra, Nicola* 
2019Morphotectonics of the Tasso Stream - Sagittario River valley (Central Apennines, Italy)Miccadei, Enrico* ; Berti, C.* ; Calista, Monia* ; Esposito, G.* ; Mancinelli, Vania* ; Piacentini, Tommaso* 
2019A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to the Study of Large Rock Avalanches Combining Remote Sensing, GIS and Field Surveys: The Case of the Scanno Landslide, ItalyFrancioni, Mirko* ; Calamita, Fernando* ; Coggan, John* ; De Nardis, Andrea* ; Eyre, Matthew* ; Miccadei, Enrico* ; Piacentini, Tommaso* ; Stead, Doug* ; Sciarra, Nicola* 
2018Paleo-Drainage Network, Morphotectonics, and Fluvial Terraces: Clues from the Verde Stream in the Middle Sangro River (Central Italy)Miccadei, Enrico* ; Carabella, Cristiano* ; Paglia, Giorgio* ; Piacentini, Tommaso* 
5-Jun-2021Plio-Pleistocene Landscape Evolution of the Turano River Basin (Central Apennines, Italy): Insights from Continental Deposits’ Analysis and Drainage Network DevelopmentMancinelli, Vania* ; Cavinato, Gian Paolo* ; Ciavattella, Francesco* ; Cecili, Alessandro* ; D’Orefice, Maurizio* ; Epifani, Carmela* ; Esposito, Gianluca* ; Fazzini, Massimiliano* ; Paglia, Giorgio* ; Parotto, Maurizio* ; Miccadei, Enrico* 
25-Mar-2008The Plio-Quaternary uplift of the Apennine Chain: new data from the analysis of topography and river valleys in Central ItalyAscione, A.* ; Cinque, A.* ; Miccadei, E.* ; Villani, F.* ; Berti, C.* 
2019Recent Geomorphological Evolution and 3D Numerical Modelling of Soft Clastic Rock Cliffs in the Mid-Western Adriatic Sea (Abruzzo, Italy)Calista, Monia* ; Mascioli, Francesco* ; Menna, Valeria* ; Miccadei, Enrico* ; Piacentini, Tommaso*