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2018Bandwidth extension of a 4.5 Hz geophone for seismic monitoring purposeVitale, Giovanni* ; Greco, Luca* ; D'Alessandro, Antonino* ; Scudero, Salvatore* 
2017Characterization of MEMS accelerometer self-noise by means of PSD and Allan Variance analysisD'Alessandro, Antonino* ; Vitale, Giovanni* ; Scudero, Salvatore* ; D'Anna, Roberto* ; Costanza, Antonio* ; Fagiolini, Adriano* ; Greco, Luca* 
2018MEMS technology in seismology: A short reviewScudero, Salvatore* ; D'Alessandro, Antonino* ; Greco, Luca* ; Vitale, Giovanni* 
2018Monitoring Earthquake through MEMS Sensors (MEMS project) in the town of Acireale (Italy)D'Alessandro, Antonino* ; D'Anna, Roberto* ; Greco, Luca* ; Passafiume, Giuseppe* ; Scudero, Salvatore* ; Speciale, Stefano* ; Vitale, Giovanni* 
2018Real-time urban seismic network and structural monitoring by means of accelerometric sensors: Application to the historic buildings of Catania (Italy)D'Alessandro, Antonino* ; Vitale, Giovanni* ; Scudero, Salvatore* ; D'Anna, Roberto* ; Passafiume, Giuseppe* ; Greco, Luca* ; Speciale, Stefano* ; Patan√®, Domenico* ; Torrisi, Orazio* ; Di Prima, Sergio* ; Mangiagli, Salvatore* ; Tusa, Giuseppina* 
Jun-2018Spatial analysis of the Italian seismic network and seismicityD'Alessandro, Antonino* ; Siino, Marianna* ; Adelfio, Giada* ; Greco, Luca*