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2009First evidences of fast creeping on a long-lasting quiescent earthquake normal-fault in the MediterraneanSabadini, Roberto* ; Aoudia, Abdelkrim* ; Barzaghi, Riccardo* ; Crippa, Bruno* ; Marotta, Anna Maria* ; Borghi, Alessandra* ; Cannizzaro, Letizia* ; Calcagni, Laura* ; Dalla Via, Giorgio* ; Rossi, Grazia* ; Splendore, Raffaele* ; Crosetto, Michele* 
2009GPS monitoring and earthquake prediction: A success story towards a useful integrationBorghi, Alessandra* ; Aoudia, Abdelkrim* ; Riva, Riccardo E.M.* ; Barzaghi, Riccardo* 
2015GPS, scaling exponent and past seismicity for seismic hazard assessment in Garhwal–Kumaun, Himalayan regionMondal, Sudip Kumar* ; Borghi, Alessandra* ; Roy, P. N. S.* ; Aoudia, Abdelkrim* 
Apr-2008Postseismic deformation and body forces shaping the Apennines and adjacent sedimentary basins in Umbria-MarcheRiva, R. E. M.* ; Aoudia, A.* 
2003Postseismic deformation following the 1997 Umbria-Marche (Italy) moderate normal faulting earthquakesAoudia, Abdelkrim* ; Borghi, Alessandra* ; Riva, Riccardo* ; Barzaghi, Riccardo* ; Ambrosius, B. A. C.* ; Sabadini, R.* ; Vermeersen, L. L. A.* ; Panza, G. F.* 
Jan-2016Precursory slow-slip loaded the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake sequenceBorghi, Alessandra* ; Aoudia, A.* ; Javed, F.* ; Barzaghi, R.* 
Nov-2018Seismic Anisotropy and Its Geodynamic Implications in Iran, the Easternmost Part of the Tethyan BeltSadeghi-Bagherabadi, Amir* ; Margheriti, Lucia* ; Aoudia, Abdelkrim* ; Sobouti, Farhad* 
2020Seismicity rate changes and geodetic transients in Central ApenninesVičič, Blaž* ; Aoudia, Abdelkrim* ; Borghi, Alessandra* ; Momeni, Seyyedmaalek* ; Vuan, Alessandro* 
2007Viscoelastic relaxation and long-lasting after-slip following the 1997 Umbria-Marche (Central Italy) earthquakesRiva, R. E. M.* ; Borghi, Alessandra* ; Aoudia, Abdelkrim* ; Barzaghi, Riccardo* ; Sabadini, Roberto* ; Panza, G. F.*