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Dec-2018Ambient noise HVSR measurements in the Avellino historical centre and surrounding area (southern Italy). Correlation with surface geology and damage caused by the 1980 Irpinia-Basilicata earthquakeMaresca, Rosalba* ; Nardone, Lucia* ; Gizzi, Fabrizio Terenzio* ; Potenza, Maria Rosaria* 
2004Damage scenario of the earthquake on 23 July 1930 in Melfi: the contribution of technical documentationTerenzio Gizzi, F.* ; Masini, N.* 
2020Ground Response and Historical Buildings in Avellino (Campania, Southern Italy): Clues from a Retrospective View Concerning the 1980 Irpinia-Basilicata EarthquakeNardone, Lucia* ; Gizzi, Fabrizio Terenzio* ; Maresca, Rosalba* 
Oct-2007Historical earthquakes and damage patterns in Potenza (Basilicata, Southern Italy)Gizzi, F. T.* ; Masini, N.* 
2014I forti terremoti del XX secolo - storymapsPignone, M.* ; Gizzi, F.T.* ; Abbondandolo, N.* 
2013Il terremoto del 21 agosto 1962 - storymapsPignone, M.* ; Gizzi, F.T.* ; Abbondandolo, N.* 
2020La memoria storica quale valido strumento per una corretta pianificazione territorialeLuino, Fabio* ; Gizzi, Fabrizio Terenzio* ; Palmieri, Walter* ; Porfido, Sabina* ; Turconi, Laura* 
Apr-1999The separation of the geomagnetic field originated in the core, in the asthenosphere, and in the crustGregori, G. P.* ; Dong, W. J.* ; Gao, X. Q.* ; Gizzi, F. T.*