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2018Complex fault geometry and rupture dynamics of the Mw 6.5, 2016, October 30th central Italy earthquakeScognamiglio, Laura* ; Tinti, Elisa* ; Casarotti, Emanuele* ; Pucci, Stefano* ; Villani, Fabio* ; Cocco, Massimo* ; Magnoni, Federica* ; Michelini, Alberto* ; Dreger, D.* 
Dec-2012Comprehensive assessments of Parkfield earthquake source estimates: a look into model variabilityMunafò, Irene* ; Wooddell, Kathie* ; Yoo, Seung Hoo* ; Dreger, Douglas Scott* ; Mayeda, Kevin* ; Alexanian, Arshak* ; Chiang, Andrea* ; Nadeau, Robert* ; Malagnini, Luca* 
19-May-2010FAST DETERMINATION OF MOMENT RUPTURE HISTORY: APPLICATION TO THE APRIL 6TH L’AQUILA EARTHQUAKEScognamiglio, Laura* ; Tinti, Elisa* ; MIchelini, Alberto* ; Dreger, Douglas* ; Cirella, Antonella* ; Cocco, Massimo* ; Mazza, Salvatore* ; Piatanesi, Alessio* ; Quintiliani, Matteo* 
Nov-2010Fast Determination of Moment Tensors and Rupture History: what has been learned from the 6 April 2009 L’Aquila earthquake sequenceScognamiglio, L.* ; Tinti, E.* ; Michelini, A.* ; Dreger, D. S.* ; Cirella, A.* ; Cocco, M.* ; Mazza, S.* ; Piatanesi, A.* 
4-Jun-2019Modulation of Seismic Attenuation at Parkfield, Before and After the 2004 M6 EarthquakeMalagnini, Luca* ; Dreger, Douglas Scott* ; Burgmann, Roland* ; Munafò, Irene* ; Sebastiani, Giovanni* 
11-Dec-2019Modulation of seismic attenuation at Parkfield, before and after the 2004 M6 earthquake, and one example from the Geysers geothermal field.Malagnini, Luca* ; Sebastiani, Giovanni* ; Dreger, Douglas* ; Burgmann, Roland* ; Munafò, Irene* ; Hutchings, Lawrence* 
10-Dec-2006Near real time regional moment tensor estimation using italian broadband stationsScognamiglio, L.* ; Tinti, E.* ; Michelini, A.* ; Malagnini, L.* ; Dreger, D.* 
2021On the Heterogeneity of the Earthquake ruptureMalagnini, Luca* ; Dreger, Douglas Scott* ; Nadeau, Robert M* ; Munafò, Irene* ; Cocco, Massimo* 
2007Regional analysis of Lg attenuation: comparison of 1-D methods in northern California and application to the Yellow Sea/Korean peninsulaFord, S.* ; Dreger, D.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Malagnini, L.* ; Phillips, S.* 
2008Regional attenuation in northern California: a comparison of five 1-D Q methodsFord, S.* ; Dreger, D.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Malagnini, L.* ; Phillips, S.* 
2020Rupture Process of the 2019 Ridgecrest, California Mw 6.4 Foreshock and Mw 7.1 Earthquake Constrained by Seismic and Geodetic DataWang, Kang* ; Dreger, Douglas Scott* ; Tinti, Elisa* ; Burgmann, Roland* ; Taira, Taka'aki* 
10-Dec-2018Time Variability of crustal attenuation during the Amatrice-Visso-Norcia earthquake sequence in the Central Apennines (Italy)Munafò, Irene* ; Malagnini, Luca* ; Sebastiani, Giovanni* ; Dreger, Douglas Scott* ; Akinci, Aybige* ; Burgmann, Roland*