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2022Back-arc underplating provided crustal accretion affecting topography and sedimentation in the Adria microplateMancinelli, Paolo* ; Scisciani, Vittorio* ; Pauselli, Cristina* ; Stampfli, Gérard M* ; Speranza, Fabio* ; Vasiljević, Ivana* 
2017Experimental constraints on the rheology, eruption, and emplacement dynamics of analog lavas comparable to Mercury's northern volcanic plains AuthorsVetere, F.* ; Rossi, S.* ; Namur, O.* ; Morgavi, D.* ; Misiti, Valeria* ; Mancinelli, P.* ; Petrelli, M.* ; Pauselli, C.* ; Perugini, D.* 
2019Gravity and Magnetic Modeling of Central Italy: Insights Into the Depth Extent of the Seismogenic LayerMancinelli, Paolo* ; Porreca, Massimiliano* ; Pauselli, C.* ; Minelli, G.* ; Barchi, M. R.* ; Speranza, Fabio* 
17-Aug-2017The gravity anomaly of Mount Amiata; different approaches for understanding anomaly source distributionGirolami, C.* ; Barchi, M.R.* ; Heyde, I.* ; Pauselli, C.* ; Vetere, F.* ; Cannata, Andrea* 
2018Integrated GPR and laboratory water content measures of sandy soils: From laboratory to field scaleErcoli, Maurizio* ; Di Matteo, Lucio* ; Pauselli, Cristina* ; Mancinelli, Paolo* ; Frapiccini, Stefano* ; Talegalli, Lorenzo* ; Cannata, Andrea* 
2015Integrating multidisciplinary, multiscale geological and geophysical data to image the Castrovillari fault (Northern Calabria, Italy)Cinti, Francesca Romana* ; Pauselli, C.* ; Livio, F.* ; Ercoli, M.* ; Brunori, Carlo Alberto* ; Ferrario, Maria Francesca* ; Volpe, R.* ; Civico, Riccardo* ; Pantosti, Daniela* ; Pinzi, Stefania* ; De Martini, Paolo Marco* ; Ventura, Guido* ; Alfonsi, Laura* ; Gambillara, R.* ; Michetti, Alessandro Maria* 
1-May-2017Monitoring crustal changes at volcanoes by seismic noise interferometry: Mt. Etna case of studyCannata, Andrea* ; Cannavò, Flavio* ; Montalto, Placido* ; Ercoli, Maurizio* ; Mancinelli, Paolo* ; Pauselli, Cristina* ; Leto, Giuseppe* 
23-Oct-2019Retrieving magma composition from TIR spectra: implications for terrestrial planets investigationsPisello, Alessandro* ; Vetere, Francesco* ; Bisolfati, Matteo* ; Maturilli, Alessandro* ; Morgavi, Daniele* ; Pauselli, Cristina* ; Iezzi, Gianluca* ; Lustrino, Michele* ; Perugini, Diego* 
1-Oct-2007Rheological behaviour of the crust in Southern Apennine (Italy): results from a thermal and seismological studySolaro, G.* ; Tizzani, P.* ; Milano, G.* ; Pauselli, C.* 
2-Jan-2017The role of rheology, crustal structures and lithology in the seismicity distribution of the northern ApenninesChiaraluce, Lauro* ; Barchi, M.R.* ; Carannante, Simona* ; Collettini, Cristiano* ; Mirabella, F.* ; Pauselli, C.* ; Valoroso, Luisa* 
2018Seismic Reflection Profiles and Subsurface Geology of the Area Interested by the 2016-2017 Earthquake Sequence (Central Italy)Porreca, Massimiliano* ; Minelli, G.* ; Ercoli, M.* ; Brobia, A.* ; Mancinelli, P.* ; Cruciani, F.* ; Giorgetti, C.* ; Carboni, F.* ; Mirabella, F.* ; Cavinato, G.* ; Cannata, Andrea* ; Pauselli, C.* ; Barchi, M. R.*