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201939 Years of Geochemical Monitoring of Laguna Caliente Crater Lake, Poás: Patterns from the Past as Keys for the FutureRouwet, Dmitri* ; Mora Amador, Raúl Alberto* ; Sandri, Laura* ; Ramírez-Umaña, Carlos* ; Gonzalez, Gino* ; Pecoraino, Giovannella* ; Capaccioni, Bruno* 
2019The Extraordinary Sulfur Volcanism of Poás from 1828 to 2018Mora Amador, Raúl Alberto* ; Rouwet, Dmitri* ; Vargas, Priscilla* ; Oppenheimer, Clive* 
17-Nov-2021Increment in the volcanic unrest and number of eruptions after the 2012 large earthquakes sequence in Central AmericaGonzalez, Gino* ; Fujita, Eisuke* ; Shibazaki, Bunichiro* ; Hayashida, Takumi* ; Chiodini, Giovanni* ; Lucchi, Federico* ; Yokoyama, Izumi* ; Németh, Károly* ; Mora-Amador, Raul* ; Moya, Aaron* ; Chigna, Gustavo* ; Martí, Joan* ; Rouwet, Dmitri* 
2014Past, present and future of volcanic lake monitoringRouwet, D.* ; Tassi, F.* ; Mora-Amador, R.* ; Sandri, L.* ; Chiarini, V.* 
3-Jan-2022Rare Earth Elements Variations in a Hyperacid Crater Lake and Their Relations With Changes in Phreatic Activity, Physico-Chemical Parameters, and Chemical Composition: The Case of Poás Volcano (Costa Rica)Pappaterra, Sabrina* ; Inguaggiato, Claudio* ; Rouwet, Dmitri* ; Mora-Amador, Raul* ; Ramírez-Umaña, Carlos* ; Gonzalez, Gino* ; Brusca, Lorenzo* ; Peiffer, Loic* ; Levresse, Gilles* ; Bellomo, Sergio* 
Jul-2018REE fractionation during the gypsum crystallization in hyperacid sulphate-rich brine: The Poás Volcano crater lake (Costa Rica) exploited as laboratoryInguaggiato, Claudio* ; Iñiguez, Enrique* ; Peiffer, Loic* ; Kretzschmar, Thomas* ; Brusca, Lorenzo* ; Mora-Amador, Raul* ; Ramirez, Carlos* ; Bellomo, Sergio* ; Gonzalez, Gino* ; Rouwet, Dmitri* 
2021Response of a hydrothermal system to escalating phreatic unrest: the case of Turrialba and Irazú in Costa Rica (2007–2012)Rouwet, Dmitri* ; Mora-Amador, Raul* ; Ramirez, Carlos* ; Gonzalez, Gino* ; Baldoni, E* ; Pecoraino, Giovannella* ; Inguaggiato, Salvatore* ; Capaccioni, Bruno* ; Lucchi, Federico* ; Tranne, Claudio Antonio* 
2019Volcanic Hazard Assessment of Poás (Costa Rica) Based on the 1834, 1910, 1953–1955 and 2017 Historical EruptionsMora Amador, Raúl Alberto* ; Rouwet, Dmitri* ; Gonzalez, Gino* ; Vargas, Priscilla* ; Ramirez, Carlos*