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2019Archaeometric constraints by multidisciplinary study of Richborough 527 amphorae and yellow clays from the C.da Portinenti pottery workshop (Lipari Island, Italy)Di Bella, Marcella* ; Mastelloni, Maria Amalia* ; Baldanza, Angela* ; Quartieri, Simona* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Tripodo, Alessandro* ; Romano, Davide* ; Leonetti, Fabio* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* 
2020Archaeometric constraints on the architectural elements from the submerged installation discovered at the harbor of Lipari (Aeolian Archipelago, Italy)Di Bella, Marcella* ; Mastelloni, Maria Amalia* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Tripodo, Alessandro* ; Quartieri, Simona* ; Magazù, Salvatore* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* 
2018ARCHAEOMETRIC STUDY OF THE HELLENISTIC METALLURGY IN SICILY: MINERALOGICAL AND CHEMICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF IRON SLAGS FROM PUNIC PANORMOS (PALERMO, ITALY)Di Bella, Marcella* ; Aleo Nero, C.* ; Chiovaro, M.* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Quartieri, S.* ; Romano, D.* ; Leonetti, F.* ; Marciano', G.* ; Sabatino, G.* 
2018Archeometric characterization of prehistoric grindstones from Milazzo Bronze Age settlement (Sicily, Italy)Di Bella, Marcella* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Martinelli, Maria Clara* ; Mazzoleni, Paolo* ; Quartieri, Simona* ; Tigano, Gabriella* ; Tripodo, Alessandro* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* 
2019Armoured sponge spicules from Panarea Island (Italy): Implications for their fossil preservationFerretti, Annalisa* ; Messori, Fabio* ; Di Bella, Marcella* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* ; Quartieri, Simona* ; Cavalazzi, Barbara* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Barbieri, Roberto* 
2021Contribution of soil compositions, harvested times and varieties on chemical fingerprint of Italian and Turkish citrus cultivarsMottese, Antonio Francesco* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* ; Di Bella, Marcella* ; Fede, Maria Rita* ; Parisi, Francesco* ; Marcianò, Giuseppe* ; Tripodo, Alessandro* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Dugo, Giacomo* ; Caridi, Francesco* 
2020Environmental screening for the assessment of potentially toxic elements content in PGI soils from the Mediterranean region (Italy and Turkey)Mottese, A. F.* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* ; Di Bella, Marcella* ; Fede, Maria Rita* ; Caridi, Francesco* ; Parisi, F* ; Marcianò, Giuseppe* ; Caccamo, M T* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Yuce, Galip* ; Magazù, Salvatore* ; Dugo, Giacomo* 
4-Jan-2018Exceptional discovery of a shallow-water hydrothermal site in the SW area of Basiluzzo islet (Aeolian archipelago, South Tyrrhenian Sea): An environment to preserveEsposito, Valentina* ; Andaloro, Franco* ; Canese, Simonepietro* ; Bortoluzzi, Giovanni* ; Bo, Marzia* ; Di Bella, Marcella* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* ; Battaglia, Pietro* ; Consoli, Pierpaolo* ; Giordano, Patrizia* ; Spagnoli, Federico* ; La Cono, Violetta* ; Yakimov, Michail M* ; Scotti, Gianfranco* ; Romeo, Teresa* 
2020Geochemistry and tectonic setting of the Upper Cretaceous volcanics from Capo San Vito Peninsula (Western Sicily, Italy)Romano, Davide* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Marcianò, Giuseppe* ; Leonetti, Fabio* ; Tripodo, Alessandro* ; Di Bella, Marcella* 
Jun-2017Geochemistry and tectonic setting of triassic magmatism from the Lercara Basin (Sicily, Italy)Di Bella, Marcella* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Romano, Davide* ; Tripodo, Alessandro* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* 
2020Massive dolomites in the Messinian evaporitic sequence (Sicily, Italy): multi-analytical characterization and implications for the dolomitization processesDi Bella, Marcella* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Romano, Davide* ; Quartieri, Simona* ; Pino, Paolo* ; Tripodo, Alessandro* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* 
2019Modern Iron Ooids of Hydrothermal Origin as a Proxy for Ancient DepositsDi Bella, Marcella* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* ; Quartieri, Simona* ; Ferretti, Annalisa* ; Cavalazzi, Barbara* ; Barbieri, Roberto* ; Foucher, Frédéric* ; Messori, Fabio* ; Italiano, Francesco* 
18-Nov-2020Natural Radioactivity of the Crystalline Basement Rocks of the Peloritani Mountains (North-Eastern Sicily, Italy): Measurements and Radiological HazardRomano, Davide* ; Caridi, Francesco* ; Di Bella, Marcella* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Magazù, Salvatore* ; Caccamo, M T* ; Tripodo, A.* ; Faggio, G* ; Grillo, R* ; Triolo, C* ; Messina, G* ; Gattuso, Alessandro* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* 
2018The neolithic obsidian artifacts from Roccapalumba (Palermo, Italy): first characterization and provenance determinationItaliano, Francesco* ; Correale, Alessandra* ; Di Bella, Marcella* ; Foresta Martin, Franco* ; Martinelli, Maria Clara* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* ; Spatafora, Francesca* 
2020New spectroscopic data on “marmi mischi” baroque glass decorations from “pallium altaris” of Messina (Sicily, Italy)Di Bella, Marcella* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* ; Giuliano, Agostino* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Quartieri, Simona* ; Triscari, Maurizio* ; Magazù, Salvatore* ; Tripodo, Alessandro* 
2017Noble gases and rock geochemistry of alkaline intraplate volcanics from the Amik and Ceyhan-Osmaniye areas, SE TurkeyItaliano, Francesco* ; Yuce, Galip* ; Di Bella, M.* ; Rojay, B.* ; Sabatino, G.* ; Tripodo, A.* ; Martelli, Mauro* ; Rizzo, Andrea Luca* ; Misseri, M.* 
Aug-2016Pleistocene volcaniclastic units from North-Eastern Sicily (Italy): new evidence for calc-alkaline explosive volcanism in the Southern Tyrrhenian SeaDi Bella, Marcella* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Sabatino, Giuseppe* ; Tripodo, Alessandro* ; Baldanza, Angela* ; Casella, Sergio* ; Pino, Paolo* ; Rasa’, Riccardo* ; Russo, Selma* 
17-May-2019Radiological assessment, mineralogy and geochemistry of the heavy-mineral placers from the Calabrian coast (South Italy)Di Bella, Marcella* ; Italiano, Francesco* 
26-Feb-2018Risk assessment of bottom ash from fuel oil power plant of Italy: mineralogical, chemical and leaching characterizationDi Bella, M.* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Magazù, S.* ; Mottese, A. F.* ; Interdonato, M.* ; Gentile, F.* ; Sabatino, G.*