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2018A 10,000 yr record of high-resolution Paleosecular Variation from a flowstone of Rio Martino Cave, Northwestern Alps, ItalyZanella, Elena* ; Tema, Evdokia* ; Lanci, Luca* ; Regattieri, Eleonora* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Hellstrom, John C.* ; Costa, Emanuele* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Drysdale, Russell* ; Magrì, Federico* 
2019The 4.2 ka event in the central Mediterranean: new data from a Corchia speleothem (Apuan Alps, central Italy)Isola, Ilaria* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Drysdale, Russell* ; Regattieri, Eleonora* ; Bini, Monica* ; Bajo, Petra* ; Hellstrom, John C.* ; Baneschi, Ilaria* ; Lionello, Piero* ; Woodhead, Jon* ; Greig, Alan* 
2021Beyond one-way determinism: San Frediano's miracle and climate change in Central and Northern Italy in late antiquityZanchetta, Giovanni* ; Bini, Monica* ; Bloomfield, Kevin* ; Izdebski, Adam* ; Vivoli, Nicola* ; Regattieri, Eleonora* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Drysdale, Russell* ; Bajo, Petra* ; Hellstrom, John C.* ; Wiśniewski, Robert* ; Fallick, Anthony* ; Natali, Stefano* ; Luppichini, Marco* 
2015Coastal landscape evolution and sea-level change: a case study from Central Patagonia (Argentina)Pappalardo, Marta* ; Aguirre, Marina* ; Bini, Monica* ; Consoloni, Ilaria* ; Fuck, Enrique* ; Hellstrom, John* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Ribolini, Adriano* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* 
2014Coeval dry events in the central and eastern Mediterranean basin at 5.2 and 5.6ka recorded in Corchia (Italy) and Soreq caves (Israel) speleothemsZanchetta, Giovanni* ; Bar-Matthews, M.* ; Drysdale, R. N.* ; Lionello, P.* ; Ayalon, A.* ; Hellstrom, J. C.* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Regattieri, E.* 
2014A continuous stable isotope record from the penultimate glacial maximum to the Last Interglacial (159–121 ka) from Tana Che Urla Cave (Apuan Alps, central Italy)Regattieri, E.* ; Zanchetta, G.* ; Drysdale, R. N.* ; Isola, I.* ; Hellstrom, J. C.* ; Roncioni, A.* 
2020An end to the Last Interglacial highstand before 120 ka: Relative sea-level evidence from Infreschi Cave (Southern Italy)Bini, Monica* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Drysdale, Russell N* ; Giaccio, Biagio* ; Stocchi, Paolo* ; Vacchi, Matteo* ; Hellstrom, John C.* ; Couchoud, Isabelle* ; Monaco, Lorenzo* ; Ratti, Andrea* ; Martini, Fabio* ; Sarti, Lucia* 
Feb-2007Enhanced rainfall in the Western Mediterranean during deposition of sapropel S1: stalagmite evidence from Corchia cave (Central Italy)Zanchetta, G.* ; Drysdale, R. N.* ; Hellstrom, J. C.* ; Fallick, A. E.* ; Isola, I.* ; Gagan, M. K.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* 
Oct-2008The environmental features of the Monte Corchia cave system (Apuan Alps, Central Italy)Piccini, L.* ; Zanchetta, G.* ; Drysdale, R. N.* ; Hellstrom, J.* ; Isola, I.* ; Fallick, A. E.* ; Leone, G.* ; Doveri, M.* ; Mussi, M.* ; Mantelli, F.* ; Molli, G.* ; Lotti, L.* ; Roncioni, A.* ; Regattieri, E.* ; Meccheri, M.* ; Vaselli, L.* 
2016Environmental variability between the penultimate deglaciation and the mid Eemian: Insights from Tana che Urla (central Italy) speleothem trace element recordRegattieri, Eleonora* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Drysdale, Russell* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Woodhead, Jon* ; Hellstrom, John C.* ; Giaccio, Biagio* ; Greig, Alan* ; Baneschi, Ilaria* ; Dotsika, Elissavet* 
18-Sep-2009Evidence for Obliquity Forcing of Glacial Termination IIDrysdale, R. N.* ; Hellstrom, J. C.* ; Zanchetta, G.* ; Fallick, A. E.* ; Sanchez-Goni, M. F.* ; Couchoud, I.* ; McDonald, J.* ; Maas, R.* ; Lohmann, G.* ; Isola, I.* 
28-Nov-2019Holocene Critical Zone dynamics in an Alpine catchment inferred from a speleothem multiproxy record: disentangling climate and human influencesRegattieri, Eleonora* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Zanella, Elena* ; Drysdale, Russell N* ; Hellstrom, John C.* ; Zerboni, Andrea* ; Dallai, Luigi* ; Tema, Evdokia* ; Lanci, Luca* ; Costa, Emanuele* ; Magrì, Federico* 
2020Hydrological changes during the Roman Climatic Optimum in northern Tuscany (Central Italy) as evidenced by speleothem records and archaeological dataBini, Monica* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Regattieri, Eleonora* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Drysdale, Russell N* ; Fabiani, F* ; Genovesi, S* ; Hellstrom, John C.* 
2021Interstadial conditions over the Southern Alps during the early penultimate glacial (MIS 6): a multiproxy record from Rio Martino Cave (Italy)Regattieri, Eleonora* ; Querci, Silvia* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Zanella, Elena* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Drysdale, Russell* ; Hellstrom, John C.* ; Magrì, Federico* 
2014Lateglacial to Holocene trace element record (Ba, Mg, Sr) from Corchia Cave (Apuan Alps, central Italy): paleoenvironmental implicationsRegattieri, E.* ; Zanchetta, G.* ; Drysdale, R. N.* ; Isola, I.* ; Hellstrom, J. C.* ; Dallai, L.* 
2020Magnesium in subaqueous speleothems as a potential palaeotemperature proxyDrysdale, Russell* ; Couchoud, Isabelle* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Regattieri, Eleonora* ; Hellstrom, John* ; Govin, Aline* ; Tzedakis, Polychronis* ; Ireland, Trevor* ; Corrick, Ellen* ; Greig, Alan* ; Wong, Henri* ; Piccini, Leonardo* ; Holden, Peter* ; Woodhead, Jon* 
2018A MIS 9/MIS 8 speleothem record of hydrological variability from Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M.)Regattieri, Eleonora* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Bajo, Petra* ; Perchiazzi, Natale* ; Drysdale, Russell* ; Boschi, Chiara* ; Hellstrom, John C.* ; Francke, Alexander* ; Wagner, Bernd* 
2021New Chronological Constraints from Hypogean Deposits for Late Pliocene to Recent Morphotectonic History of the Alpi Apuane (NW Tuscany, Italy)Isola, Ilaria* ; Mazzarini, Francesco* ; Molli, Giancarlo* ; Piccini, Leonardo* ; Zanella, Elena* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Drysdale, Russell* ; Hellstrom, John* ; Woodhead, Jon* ; Roncioni, Adriano* ; Milazzo, Flavio* ; Pieruccioni, Diego* ; Regattieri, Eleonora* 
2004Palaeoclimatic implications of the growth history and stable isotope (y18O and y13C) geochemistry of a Middle to Late Pleistocene stalagmite from central-western ItalyDrysdale, Russell* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Hellstrom, John* ; Fallick, Anthony* ; Zhao, Jian-xin* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Bruschi, Giuseppe* 
2019Partitioning of Mg, Sr, Ba and U into a subaqueous calcite speleothemDrysdale, Russell* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Baneschi, Ilaria* ; Guidi, Massimo* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Couchoud, Isabelle* ; Piccini, Leonardo* ; Greig, Alan* ; Wong, Henri* ; Woodhead, Jon* ; Regattieri, Eleonora* ; Corrick, Ellen* ; Paul, Bence* ; Spötl, Christoph* ; Denson, Eleonor* ; Gordon, Jay* ; Jaillet, Stephane* ; Dux, Florian* ; Hellstrom, John C.*