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May-2017Construction and degradation of a broad volcanic massif: The Vicuña pampa volcanic complex, southern central Andes, NW ArgentinaGuzmán, S.* ; Strecker, M. R.* ; Martí, J.* ; Petrinovic, I. A.* ; Schildgen, T. F.* ; Grosse, P.* ; Montero-López, C.* ; Neri, Marco* ; Carniel, R.* ; Hongn, F. D.* ; Muruaga, C.* ; Sudo, M.* 
17-Nov-2021Increment in the volcanic unrest and number of eruptions after the 2012 large earthquakes sequence in Central AmericaGonzalez, Gino* ; Fujita, Eisuke* ; Shibazaki, Bunichiro* ; Hayashida, Takumi* ; Chiodini, Giovanni* ; Lucchi, Federico* ; Yokoyama, Izumi* ; Németh, Károly* ; Mora-Amador, Raul* ; Moya, Aaron* ; Chigna, Gustavo* ; Martí, Joan* ; Rouwet, Dmitri* 
27-Nov-2013QVAST: a new Quantum GIS plugin for estimating volcanic susceptibilityBartolini, S.* ; Cappello, A.* ; Martì, J.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
Sep-2017Remarkable variability in dyke features at the Vicuña Pampa Volcanic Complex, Southern Central AndesGuzmán, Silvina* ; Neri, Marco* ; Carniel, Roberto* ; Martí, Joan* ; Grosse, Pablo* ; Montero-López, Carolina* ; Geyer, Adelina* 
2016Stress Field Control during Large Caldera-Forming EruptionsCosta, Antonio* ; Martí, Joan* 
2005Temporal evolution of flow conditions in sustained magmatic explosive eruptionsMacedonio, G.* ; Neri, A.* ; Marti, J.* ; Folch, A.*