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2012A case study of upstream wave transmission to the ground at polar and low latitudesFrancia, P.* ; Regi, M.* ; De Lauretis, M.* ; Villante, U.* ; Pilipenko, V. A.* 
2013Coherent transmission of upstream waves to polar latitudes through magnetotail lobesRegi, M.* ; Francia, P.* ; De Lauretis, M.* ; Glassmeier, K. H.* ; Villante, U.* 
2018The geomagnetic coast effect at two 80° S stations in Antarctica, observed in the ULF rangeRegi, Mauro* ; De Lauretis, Marcello* ; Francia, Patrizia* ; Lepidi, Stefania* ; Piancatelli, Andrea* ; Urbini, Stefano* 
2014The occurrence of upstream waves in relation with the solar wind parameters: A statistical approach to estimate the size of the foreshock regionRegi, M.* ; De Lauretis, M.* ; Francia, P.* 
2019On the validation of K index values at Italian geomagnetic observatoriesRegi, Mauro* ; Bagiacchi, Paolo* ; Di Mauro, Domenico* ; Lepidi, Stefania* ; Cafarella, Lili* 
2010Pc3 pulsations in the polar cap and at low latitudeDe Lauretis, M.* ; Francia, P.* ; Regi, Mauro* ; Villante, U.* ; Piancatelli, A.* 
2015Pc5 geomagnetic fluctuations in response to solar wind excitation and their relationship with relativistic electron fluxes in the outer radiation belt 3. Space scienceRegi, Mauro* ; De Lauretis, M.* ; Francia, P.* 
2014The propagation of ULF waves from the Earth's foreshock region to ground: The case study of 15 February 2009Regi, M.* ; De Lauretis, M.* ; Francia, P.* ; Villante, U.* 
2015Signatures of the ULF geomagnetic activity in the surface air temperature in AntarcticaFrancia, P.* ; Regi, M.* ; De Lauretis, M.* 
2008Solar flare effect preceding Halloween storm (28 October 2003): Results of a worldwide analysisVillante, U.* ; Regi, M.* 
2018Solar Wind Signatures Throughout the High-Latitude AtmosphereFrancia, P.* ; Regi, Mauro* ; De Lauretis, M.* 
2016Solar wind-driven Pc5 waves observed at a polar cap station and in the near cusp ionosphereDe Lauretis, M.* ; Regi, M.* ; Francia, P.* ; Marcucci, M. F.* ; Amata, E.* ; Pallocchia, G.* 
2017A statistical analysis of Pc1–2 waves at a near-cusp station in AntarcticaRegi, M.* ; Marzocchetti, M.* ; Francia, P.* ; De Lauretis, M.* 
2013ULF fluctuations observed along the SEGMA array during very low solar wind density conditionsFrancia, P.* ; De Lauretis, M.* ; Regi, M.* 
2017ULF geomagnetic activity effects on tropospheric temperature, specific humidity, and cloud cover in Antarctica, during 2003-2010Regi, Mauro* ; Redaelli, Gianluca* ; Francia, Patrizia* ; De Lauretis, Marcello* 
5-Nov-2018ULF Geomagnetic Activity Signatures in the Atmospheric Parameters in AntarcticaRegi, Mauro* ; De Lauretis, Marcello* ; Redaelli, Gianluca* ; Francia, Patrizia* 
2016ULF geomagnetic and polar cap potential signatures in the temperature and zonal wind reanalysis data in AntarcticaRegi, Mauro* ; De Lauretis, M.* ; Redaelli, G.* ; Francia, P.* 
2016The use of the empirical mode decomposition for the identification of mean field aligned reference framesRegi, M.* ; Del Corpo, A.* ; De Lauretis, M.*