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2018Characteristic Earthquake Magnitude Frequency Distributions on Faults Calculated From Consensus Data in CaliforniaParsons, Tom* ; Geist, Eric L.* ; Console, Rodolfo* ; Carluccio, Roberto* 
Jan-2018Comments on ‘Why is Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) still used?’ by F. Mulargia, P.B. Stark and R.J. GellerConsole, Rodolfo* ; Parsons, Tom* ; Falcone, Giuseppe* ; Murru, Maura* ; Yamashina, Ken'ichiro* 
Aug-2017Nucleation speed limit on remote fluid-induced earthquakesParsons, Tom* ; Malagnini, Luca* ; Akinci, Aybige* 
Mar-2017A physics-based earthquake simulator and its application to seismic hazard assessment in Calabria (Southern Italy) regionConsole, Rodolfo* ; Nardi, Anna* ; Carluccio, Roberto* ; Murru, Maura* ; Falcone, Giuseppe* ; Parsons, Tom* 
2017Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Analysis: Multiple Sources and Global ApplicationsGrezio, Anita* ; Babeyko, Andrey* ; Baptista, Maria* ; Behrens, Jörn* ; Costa, Antonio* ; Davies, Gareth* ; Geist, Eric L.* ; Glimsdal, Sylfest* ; González, Frank* ; Griffin, Jonathan* ; Harbitz, Carl Bonnevie* ; LeVeque, Randall* ; Lorito, Stefano* ; Løvholt, Finn* ; Omira, Rachid* ; Mueller, Christof* ; Paris, Raphael* ; Parsons, Tom* ; Polet, Jascha* ; Power, William* ; Selva, Jacopo* ; Sørensen, Mathilde* ; Thio, Hong-Kie* 
28-Nov-2020Seismic Attenuation Monitoring of a Critically Stressed San Andreas FaultMalagnini, Luca* ; Parsons, Tom* 
2017Tsunamis: Bayesian Probabilistic Hazard AnalysisGrezio, Anita* ; Lorito, Stefano* ; Parsons, Tom* ; Selva, Jacopo*