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17-Oct-2016Eruptive activity at Turrialba volcano (Costa Rica): Inferences from 3He/4He in fumarole gases and chemistry of the products ejected during 2014 and 2015Rizzo, Andrea Luca* ; Di Piazza, Andrea* ; de Moor, J. Maarten* ; Alvarado, Guillermo E.* ; Avard, Geoffroy* ; Carapezza, Maria Luisa* ; Mora, Mauricio M.* 
5-Jun-2018The Geothermal Resource in the Guanacaste Region (Costa Rica): New Hints From the Geochemistry of Naturally Discharging FluidsTassi, Franco* ; Vaselli, Orlando* ; Bini, Giulio* ; Capecchiacci, Francesco* ; de Moor, J. Maarten* ; Pecoraino, Giovannella* ; Venturi, Stefania* 
2018Implementation of electrochemical, optical and denuder-based sensors and sampling techniques on UAV for volcanic gas measurements: examples from Masaya, Turrialba and Stromboli volcanoesRüdiger, Julian* ; Tirpitz, Jan-Lukas* ; de Moor, J. Maarten* ; Bobrowski, Nicole* ; Gutmann, Alexandra* ; Liuzzo, Marco* ; Ibarra, Martha* ; Hoffmann, Thorsten* 
Jan-2019Insights Into the Mechanisms of Phreatic Eruptions From Continuous High Frequency Volcanic Gas Monitoring: Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, Costa RicaBattaglia, Angelo* ; de Moor, J. Maarten* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; Avard, Geoffroy* ; Bakkar, Henriette* ; Bitetto, Marcello* ; Mora Fernández, M. M.* ; Kelly, Peter* ; Giudice, Gaetano* ; Delle Donne, Dario* ; Villalobos, Hairo* 
7-May-2018New insights into the magmatic-hydrothermal system and volatile budget of Lastarria volcano, Chile: Integrated results from the 2014 IAVCEI CCVG 12th Volcanic Gas WorkshopLopez, Taryn* ; Aguilera, Felipe* ; Tassi, Franco* ; de Moor, J. Maarten* ; Bobrowski, Nicole* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; Tamburello, Giancarlo* ; Rizzo, Andrea Luca* ; Liuzzo, Marco* ; Viveiros, Fátima* ; Cardellini, Carlo* ; Silva, Catarina* ; Fischer, Tobias* ; Jean-Baptiste, Philippe* ; Kazayaha, Ryunosuke* ; Hidalgo, Silvana* ; Malowany, Kalina* ; Lucic, Gregor* ; Bagnato, Emanuela* ; Bergsson, Baldur* ; Reath, Kevin* ; Liotta, Marcello* ; Carn, Simon* ; Chiodini, Giovanni* 
Feb-2018Tracking Formation of a Lava Lake From Ground and Space: Masaya Volcano (Nicaragua), 2014-2017Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; de Moor, J. Maarten* ; Arellano, Santiago* ; Coppola, Diego* ; Francofonte, Vincenzo* ; Galle, Bo* ; Giudice, Gaetano* ; Liuzzo, Marco* ; Mendoza, Elvis* ; Saballos, Armando* ; Tamburello, Giancarlo* ; Battaglia, Angelo* ; Bitetto, Marcello* ; Gurrieri, Sergio* ; Laiolo, Marco* ; Mastrolia, Andrea* ; Moretti, Roberto* 
Aug-2016Turmoil at Turrialba Volcano (Costa Rica): Degassing and eruptive processes inferred from high-frequency gas monitoringde Moor, J. Maarten* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; Avard, G.* ; Wehrmann, H.* ; Dunbar, N.* ; Muller, C.* ; Tamburello, Giancarlo* ; Giudice, Gaetano* ; Liuzzo, Marco* ; Moretti, R.* ; Conde, V.* ; Galle, B.* 
25-Aug-2018Using Drones and Miniaturized Instrumentation to Study Degassing at Turrialba and Masaya Volcanoes, Central AmericaStix, John* ; de Moor, J. Maarten* ; Rüdiger, Julian* ; Alan, Alfredo* ; Corrales, Ernesto* ; D'Arcy, Fiona* ; Diaz, Jorge Andres* ; Liotta, Marcello*