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Aug-2007Coexisting calc-alkaline and ultrapotassic magmatism at Monti Ernici,Mid Latina Valley (Latium, central Italy)Frezzotti, M. L.* ; De Astis, G.* ; Dallai, L.* ; Ghezzo, C.* 
2008Composition and thermal structure of the lithosphere beneath the Ethiopian plateau: evidence from mantle xenoliths in basanites, Injibara, Lake Tana ProvinceFerrando, S.* ; Frezzotti, M. L.* ; Neumann, E. R.* ; De Astis, G.* ; Peccerillo, A.* ; Dereje, A.* ; Gezahegn, Y.* ; Teklewold, A.* 
Apr-2021The composition of fluids stored in the central Mexican lithospheric mantle: Inferences from noble gases and CO2 in mantle xenolithsSandoval-Velasquez, Andres* ; Rizzo, Andrea Luca* ; Frezzotti, Maria Luce* ; Saucedo, Ricardo* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* 
2004Evolution of the volcanic plumbing systemof Alicudi (Aeolian Islands - Italy): evidence from fluid and melt inclusionsin quartz xenolithsBonelli, R.* ; Frezzotti, M. L.* ; Zanon, V.* ; Peccerillo, A.* 
Oct-2020The fumarolic CO2 output from Pico do Fogo volcano (Cape Verde)Zanon, Vittorio* ; Valenti, Virginia* ; Frezzotti, Maria Luce* ; Allard, Patrick* ; Viveiros, Fátima* ; Rizzo, Andrea Luca* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; Bitetto, Marcello* 
Jan-2017(Garnet)-spinel peridotite xenoliths from Mega (Ethiopia): Evidence for rejuvenation and dynamic thinning of the lithosphere beneath the southern Main Ethiopian RiftCasagli, Alessio* ; Frezzotti, Maria Luce* ; Peccerillo, Angelo* ; Tiepolo, Massimo* ; De Astis, Gianfilippo* 
2013Geology, volcanic history and petrology of Vulcano (central Aeolian archipelago)De Astis, G.* ; Lucchi, F.* ; Dellino, P.* ; La Volpe, L.* ; Tranne, C.* ; Frezzotti, M. L.* ; Peccerillo, A.* 
Jan-2006Modeling the magma plumbing system of Vulcano (Aeolian Isalnds, Italy) by integrated fluid inclusion geo-barometry, petrology and geophysics.Peccerillo, A.* ; Frezzotti, M. L.* ; De Astis, G.* ; Ventura, G.* 
Aug-2021Recycled crustal carbon in the depleted mantle source of El Hierro volcano, Canary IslandsSandoval-Velasquez, Andres* ; Rizzo, Andrea Luca* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; Remigi, Samantha* ; Padron, Eleazar* ; Perez, Nemesio M.* ; Frezzotti, Maria Luce* 
2018Shrinkage Bubbles: The C–O–H–S Magmatic Fluid System at San Cristóbal VolcanoRobidoux, Philippe* ; Frezzotti, Maria Luce* ; Hauri, E. H.* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* 
15-Jul-2017Volatile contents of mafic-to-intermediate magmas at San Cristóbal volcano in NicaraguaRobidoux, Philippe* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Rotolo, Silvio Giuseppe* ; Rizzo, Andrea Luca* ; HAuri, Erik* ; Frezzotti, Maria Luce*