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Jul-2013Generation of CO2-rich melts during basalt magma ascent and degassingPichavant, M.* ; Di Carlo, I.* ; Rotolo, S. G.* ; Scaillet, B.* ; Burgisser, A.* ; Le GAll, N.* ; MArtel, C.* 
2017A new set of standards for in–situ measurement of bromine abundances in natural silicate glasses: Application to SR-XRF, LA-ICP-MS and SIMS techniquesPaonita, A.* ; Cadoux, A.* ; Iacono Marziano, G.* ; Deloule, E.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Eby, N.* ; Costa, M.* ; Brusca, L.* ; Berlo, K.* ; Geraki, K.* ; Mather, T.* ; Pyle, D.* ; Di Carlo, I.* 
3-May-2016Origin of primitive ultra-calcic arc melts at crustal conditions -Experimental evidence on the La Sommata basalt, Vulcano, Aeolian Islands.LANZO, Giovanni* ; Di Carlo, Ida* ; Pichavant, Michel* ; Rotolo, Silvio Giuseppe* ; Scaillet, Bruno* 
Aug-2011Petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry of a primitive pumice from Stromboli: implications for the deep feeding systemPichavant, M.* ; Pompilio, M.* ; D'Oriano, C.* ; Di Carlo, I.* 
20-Apr-2018Phase Equilibria of Pantelleria Trachytes (Italy): Constraints on Pre-eruptive Conditions and on the Metaluminous to Peralkaline Transition in Silicic MagmasRomano, Pierangelo* ; Andújar, Joan* ; Scaillet, Bruno* ; Romengo, Nunzia* ; Di Carlo, Ida* ; Rotolo, Silvio Giuseppe* 
22-Jul-2019Volatiles and trace elements content in melt inclusions from the zoned Green Tuff ignimbrite (Pantelleria, Sicily): petrological inferencesRomano, Pierangelo* ; White, John* ; Ciulla, Alessandro* ; Di Carlo, Ida* ; D'Oriano, Claudia* ; Landi, Patrizia* ; Rotolo, Silvio Giuseppe*