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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Aquifer vulnerability and potential risk assessment: application to an intensely cultivated and densely populated area in Southern ItalyBusico, Gianluigi* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Sirna, Maurizio* ; Mastrocicco, Micol* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
2015Are Limnic Eruptions in the CO2–CH4-Rich Gas Reservoir of Lake Kivu (Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda) Possible? Insights from Physico-Chemical and Isotopic DataVaselli, Orlando* ; Tedesco, Dario* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Tassi, Franco* 
2016Birth of a lava lake: Nyamulagira volcano 2011–2015Coppola, Diego* ; Campion, Robin* ; Laiolo, Marco* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Balagizi, Charles M.* ; Ripepe, Maurizio* ; Cigolini, Corrado* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
2020Deep carbon degassing in the Matese massif chain (Southern Italy) inferred by geochemical and isotopic dataRufino, Francesco* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Busico, Gianluigi* ; Caliro, Stefano* ; Maletic, Erica L* ; Avino, Rosario* ; Darrah, Thomas H* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
2015Differentiating natural and anthropogenic impacts on water quality in a hydrothermal coastal aquifer (Mondragone Plain, Southern Italy)Cuoco, Emilio* ; Darrah, Thomas H* ; Buono, Giovanni* ; Eymold, William K* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
2014Dry soil diurnal quasi-periodic oscillations in soil 222Rn concentrationsPascale Tommasone, F* ; De Francesco, Stefano* ; Carbone, P* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
Oct-2016Dynamics of natural contamination by aluminium and iron rich colloids in the volcanic aquifers of Central ItalyViaroli, Stefano* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Mazza, Roberto* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
1-May-2020Enhancing nitrate and strontium concentration prediction in groundwater by using new data mining algorithmBui, Dieu Tien* ; Khosravi, Khabat* ; Karimi, Mahshid* ; Busico, Gianluigi* ; Sheikh Khozani, Zohreh* ; Nguyen, Hoang* ; Mastrocicco, Micol* ; Tedesco, Dario* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Kazakis, Nerantzis* 
25-Nov-2019Evaluating the suitability of urban groundwater resources for drinking water and irrigation purposes: an integrated approach in the Agro-Aversano area of Southern ItalyRufino, Francesco* ; Busico, Gianluigi* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Darrah, Thomas H* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
2017Fluid geochemistry of the Mondragone hydrothermal systems (southern Italy): water and gas compositions vs. geostructural settingCuoco, Emilio* ; Minissale, Angelo* ; Di Leo, Antonella* ; Tamburrino, Stella* ; Iorio, Marina* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
2013Gas chemistry of the Dallol region of the Danakil Depression in the Afar region of the northern-most East African RiftDarrah, Thomas H* ; Tedesco, Dario* ; Tassi, Franco* ; Vaselli, Orlando* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Poreda, Robert J* 
2010Gas isotopic signatures (He, C, and Ar) in the Lake Kivu region (western branch of the East African rift system): Geodynamic and volcanological implicationsTedesco, Dario* ; Tassi, Franco* ; Vaselli, Orlando* ; Poreda, R.J.* ; Darrah, T.* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Yalire, M. M.* 
2017Geolithological and anthropogenic controls on the hydrochemistry of the Volturno river (Southern Italy)Cuoco, Emilio* ; Colombani, Nicolò* ; Darrah, Thomas H* ; Mastrocicco, Micol* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
2020Groundwater mixing in a heterogeneous multilayer aquifer driven by geogenic CO2 fluxes: Evidence from chemical and isotopic composition of Ferrarelle waters (Riardo Plain, southern Italy)Cuoco, Emilio* ; Sacchi, Elisa* ; De Francesco, Stefano* ; Paolucci, Vittorio* ; Maletic, Erica L* ; Darrah, Thomas H* ; Sirna, Maurizio* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
2013Hydrogeochemical dynamics affecting steam-heated pools at El Chichón Crater (Chiapas - Mexico)Cuoco, Emilio* ; De Francesco, Stefano* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
2010Hydrogeochemistry of Roccamonfina volcano (Southern Italy)Cuoco, Emilio* ; Verrengia, Giuseppe* ; De Francesco, Stefano* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
2013Impact of volcanic emissions on rainwater chemistry: The case of Mt. Nyiragongo in the Virunga volcanic region (DRC)Cuoco, Emilio* ; Spagnuolo, Antonio* ; Balagizi, Charles M.* ; De Francesco, Stefano* ; Tassi, Franco* ; Vaselli, Orlando* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
15-Jan-2013Impact of volcanic plume emissions on rain water chemistry during the January 2010 Nyamuragira eruptive event: implications for essential potable water resourcesCuoco, Emilio* ; Tedesco, Dario* ; Poreda, Robert J* ; Williams, Jeremy C* ; De Francesco, Stefano* ; Balagizi, Charles M.* ; Darrah, Thomas H* 
2010Indoor radon seasonal variability at different floors of buildingsDe Francesco, S* ; Pascale Tommasone, F* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Tedesco, Dario* 
1-Jul-2018Influence of moisture source dynamics and weather patterns on stable isotopes ratios of precipitation in Central-Eastern AfricaBalagizi, Charles M.* ; Kasereka, Marcellin M.* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Liotta, Marcello*