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2012Climatology of the Central-Northern Adriatic SeaRusso, Aniello ; Carniel, Sandro ; Sclavo, Mauro ; Krzelj, Maja 
2012Integrated Numerical Models in Coastal Areas: An Example of Their Application in the North Adriatic SeaCarniel, Sandro ; Sclavo, Mauro ; Tondello, Massimo ; Ciavola, Paolo 
2009Investigating the impact of surface wave breaking on modeling the trajectories of drifters in the northern Adriatic Sea during a wind-storm eventCarniel, S.* ; Warner, J. C.* ; Sclavo, M.* ; Chigiato, J.* 
2010Layered structures in the upper Ligurian SeaCarniel, S.* ; Kantha, L.* ; Bergamasco, A.* ; Prandke, H.* ; Small, R. J.* ; Sclavo, M.* 
Apr-2007Sensitivity of a coupled physical–biological model to turbulence: high-frequency simulations in a northern Adriatic stationCarniel, S.* ; Vichi, M.* ; Sclavo, M.* 
2011Towards assessing the Adriatic Sea coastal vulnerability to regional climate change scenarios: preliminary resultsCarniel, Sandro 
2011Towards validating a last generation, integrated wave-current-sediment numerical model in coastal regions using video measurementsCarniel, S.* ; Sclavo, M.* ; Archetti, R.* 
2012Tracking bottom waters in the Southern Adriatic Sea applying seismic oceanography techniquesCarniel, S.* ; Bergamasco, A.* ; Book, J. W.* ; Hobbs, R. W.* ; Sclavo, M.* 
Feb-2012Turbulence variability in the upper layers of the Southern Adriatic Sea under a variety of atmospheric forcing conditionsCarniel, Sandro* ; Kantha, L.H.* ; Book, J.W.* ; Prandks, H.* ; Sclavo, Mauro*