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Sep-2010Asperity-based earthquake likelihood models f or ItalyGulia, Laura* ; Wiemer, Stefan* ; Schorlemmer, Danijel* 
31-May-2007Can We Map Asperities Using b-Values?Tormann, T.* ; Wiemer, S.* ; Schorlemmer, D.* ; Woessner, J.* 
31-May-2007Collaboratory for the Study of Earthquake PredictabilityJordan, T. H.* ; Gerstenberger, M.* ; Liukis, M.* ; Maechling, P. J.* ; Schorlemmer, D.* ; Wiemer, S.* ; Zechar, J. D.* 
2018The Collaboratory for the Study of Earthquake Predictability: Achievements and PrioritiesSchorlemmer, Danijel* ; Werner, Maximilian* ; Marzocchi, Warner* ; Jordan, Thomas H* ; Ogata, Yosihiko* ; Jackson, David D.* ; Mak, Sum* ; Rhoades, David A.* ; Gerstenberger, Matthew C.* ; Hirata, Naoshi* ; Liukis, Maria* ; Maechling, Philip James* ; Strader, Anne* ; Taroni, Matteo* ; Wiemer, Stefan* ; Zechar, Jeremy D* ; Zhuang, Jiancang* 
8-Apr-2010A completeness analysis of the national seismic network of ItalySchorlemmer, D.* ; Mele, F.* ; Marzocchi, W.* 
31-May-2007CSEP Progress ReportSchorlemmer, D. 
2019The influence of faulting style on the size-distribution of global earthquakesPetruccelli, Antonio* ; Schorlemmer, Danijel* ; Tormann, Thessa* ; Rinaldi, Antonio Pio* ; Wiemer, Stefan* ; Gasperini, Paolo* ; Vannucci, Gianfranco* 
Nov-2012Predictability study on the aftershock sequence following the 2011 Tohoku-Oki, Japan, earthquake: first resultsNanjo, K. Z.* ; Tsuruoka, H.* ; Yokoi, S.* ; Ogata, Y.* ; Falcone, G.* ; Hirata, N.* ; Ishigaki, Y.* ; Jordan, T. H.* ; Kasahara, K.* ; Obara, K.* ; Schorlemmer, D.* ; Shiomi, K.* ; Zhuang, J.* 
2018Prospective CSEP Evaluation of 1‐Day, 3‐Month, and 5‐Yr Earthquake Forecasts for ItalyTaroni, Matteo* ; Marzocchi, Warner* ; Schorlemmer, Danijel* ; Werner, M. J.* ; Wiemer, Stefan* ; Zechar, J. D.* ; Heiniger, L.* ; Euchner, Fabian* 
31-May-2007QuakeML, ZMAP++ and CSEP – New Developments in Seismicity Data Analysis and TestingSchorlemmer, D. 
2010Setting up an earthquake forecast experiment in ItalySchorlemmer, D.* ; Christophersen, A.* ; Rovida, A.* ; Mele, F.* ; Stucchi, M.* ; Marzocchi, W.* 
2019Simultaneous dependence of the earthquake-size distributionon faultingstyle and depthPetruccelli, Antonio* ; Gasperini, Paolo* ; Tormann, Thessa* ; Schorlemmer, Danijel* ; Rinaldi, Antonio Pio* ; Vannucci, Gianfranco* ; Wiemer, Stefan* 
31-May-2007Solving the Woes of Statistical Seismology: The Community On-Line Resource for Statistical Seismicity Analysis (CORSSA)lMichael, A.J.* ; Wiemer, S.* ; Felzer, K.* ; Schorlemmer, D.* ; Woessner, J.*