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2007Empirical ground motion prediction equations for northern italy using weak and strong motion amplitudes, frequency content and duration parametersMassa, M.* ; Morasca, P.* ; Moratto, L.* ; Marzorati, S.* ; Costa, G* ; Spallarossa, D.* 
Jun-2008Empirical Ground-Motion Prediction Equations for Northern Italy Using Weak- and Strong-Motion Amplitudes, Frequency Content, and Duration ParametersMassa, M.* ; Morasca, P.* ; Moratto, L.* ; Marzorati, S.* ; Costa, G.* ; Spallarossa, D.* 
2016The Engineering Strong‐Motion Database: A Platform to Access Pan‐European Accelerometric DataLuzi, Lucia* ; Puglia, Rodolfo* ; Russo, Emiliano* ; D'Amico, Maria* ; Felicetta, Chiara* ; Pacor, Francesca* ; Lanzano, Giovanni* ; Çeken, Ulubey* ; Clinton, John* ; Costa, Giovanni* ; Duni, Llambro* ; Farzanegan, Esmael* ; Gueguen, Philippe* ; Ionescu, Constantin* ; Kalogeras, Ioannis* ; Özener, Haluk* ; Pesaresi, Damiano* ; Sleeman, Reinoud* ; Strollo, Angelo* ; Zare, Mehdi* 
9-Jun-2010Improved 2-D attenuation analysis for Northern Italy using a merged dataset from selected regional seismic networksMorasca, P.* ; Massa, M.* ; Laprocina, E.* ; Mayeda, K.* ; Phillips, S.* ; Malagnini, L.* ; Spallarossa, D.* ; Costa, Gi.* ; Augliera, P.* 
Oct-1999A proposal of regionalization for the application of the CN earthquake prediction algorithm to the Italian territoryPeresan, A.* ; Costa, G.* ; Panza, G. F.* 
15-Apr-2007Testing the Antelope software suite to realize a distributed seismic database among Austria, Northeastern Italy and SloveniaHorn, N.* ; Pesaresi, D.* ; Costa, G.* ; Zivcic, M.* 
6-Sep-2010The usage of Antelope for acquiring end exchanging data in South-Eastern Alps: present configuration and future perspectivesBragato, Pier Luigi* ; Costa, Giovanni* ; Horn, Nikolaus* ; Pahor, Jurij* ; Pesaresi, Damiano* ; Lenhardt, Wolfgang* ; Suhaldoc, Peter* ; Zivcic, Mladen*