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21-Aug-2010Detachment depth revealed by rollover deformation: An integrated approach at Mount EtnaRuch, J.* ; Acocella, V.* ; Storti, F.* ; Neri, M.* ; Pepe, S.* ; Solaro, G.* ; Sansosti, E.* 
10-Jul-2014Experimental study of the interplay between magmatic rift intrusion and flank instability with application to the 2001 Mount Etna eruptionLe Corvec, N.* ; Walter, T.* ; Ruch, J.* ; Bonforte, A.* ; Puglisi, G.* 
30-Mar-2012Flank instability structure of Mt. Etna inferred by a magnetotelluric surveySiniscalchi, A.* ; Tripaldi, S.* ; Neri, M.* ; Balasco, M.* ; Romano, G.* ; Ruch, J.* ; Schiavone, D.* 
19-Sep-2012How do volcanic rift zones relate to flank instability? Evidence from collapsing rifts at EtnaRuch, J.* ; Pepe, S.* ; Casu, F.* ; Acocella, V.* ; Neri, M.* ; Solaro, G.* ; Sansosti, E.* 
2013A method for multi-hazard mapping in poorly known volcanic areas: an example from Kanlaon (Philippines)Neri, M.* ; Le Cozannet, G.* ; Thierry, P.* ; Bignami, C.* ; Ruch, J.* 
2013Pyroclastic density current volume estimation after the 2010 Merapi volcano eruption using X-band SARBignami, C.* ; Ruch, J.* ; Chini, M.* ; Neri, M.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Hidayati, S.* ; Sayudi, D. S.* ; Surono, N.* 
13-Aug-2013Seismo-tectonic behavior of the Pernicana Fault System (Mt Etna): A gauge for volcano flank instability?Ruch, J.* ; Pepe, S.* ; Casu, F.* ; Solaro, G.* ; Pepe, A.* ; Acocella, V.* ; Neri, M.* ; Sansosti, E.* 
2009Stress transfer in the Lazufre volcanic area, central AndesRuch, J.* ; Manconi, A.* ; Zeni, G.* ; Solaro, G.* ; Pepe, A.* ; Shirzaei, M.* ; Walter, T.R.* ; Lanari, R.*