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19-Apr-2009Cenozoic magmatism of north Victoria Land, Antarctica: an experimental study on the mantle source of a primary basanite from the McMurdo Volcanic GroupArmienti, Pietro* ; Freda, Carmela* ; Misiti, Valeria* ; Perinelli, Cristina* 
2021Chapter 7.3 Mount Melbourne and Mount RittmannGambino, Salvatore* ; Armienti, Pietro* ; Cannata, Andrea* ; Del Carlo, Paola* ; Giudice, Gaetano* ; Giuffrida, Giovanni* ; Liuzzo, Marco* ; Pompilio, Massimo* 
2015Crystal size distributions of plagioclase in lavas from the July–August 2001 Mount Etna eruptionFornaciai, Alessandro* ; Perinelli, Cristina* ; Armienti, Pietro* ; Favalli, Massimiliano* 
2019Crystallization kinetics of clinopyroxene and titanomagnetite growing from a trachybasaltic melt: New insights from isothermal time-series experimentsPontesilli, Alessio* ; Masotta, Matteo* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Armienti, Pietro* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Brenna, Marco* 
2014Factors Controlling the Transition from Strombolian Explosions to Lava Fountaining at Mount Etna: a Mass- and Energy-Constrained Model from the 2013 Paroxysmal ActivityArmienti, P.* ; Falsaperla, S.* ; Viccaro, M.* 
2016An improved clinopyroxene-based hygrometer for Etnean magmas and implications for eruption triggering mechanismsPerinelli, Cristina* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Gaeta, Mario* ; De Cristofaro, Serena Pia* ; Palladino, Danilo Mauro* ; Armienti, Pietro* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Putirka, Keith D* 
2008Metasomatism induced by alkaline magma in the upper mantle of northern Victoria Land (Antarctica): an experimental approachPerinelli, C.* ; Orlando, A.* ; Conte, A. M.* ; Armienti, P.* ; Borrini, D.* ; Faccini, B.* ; Misiti, V.* 
2020The role of undercooling during clinopyroxene growth in trachybasaltic magmas: Insights on magma decompression and cooling at Mt. Etna volcanoMasotta, Matteo* ; Pontesilli, Alessio* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Armienti, Pietro* ; Ubide, Teresa* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* 
2014The Shallow Plumbing System of Piton de la Fournaise Volcano (La Reunion Island, Indian Ocean) Revealed by the Major 2007 Caldera-Forming EruptionDi Muro, A.* ; Metrich, N.* ; Vergani, D* ; Rosi, M.* ; Armienti, P.* ; Fougeroux, T* ; Deloule, E.* ; Arienzo, Ilenia* ; Civetta, Lucia* 
2007Textural effects of steady state behaviour of the Stromboli feeding systemArmienti, P.* ; Francalanci, L.* ; Landi, P.*