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2007Active thrusting as a possible seismogenic source in Sicily (Southern Italy): Some insights from integrated structural–kinematic and seismological dataLavecchia, G.* ; Ferrarini, F.* ; de Nardis, R.* ; Visini, F.* ; Barbano, M. S.* 
2011The April 2009 Aquila (central Italy) seismic sequence (Mw6.3): A preliminary seismotectonic picture,Lavecchia, G.* ; Boncio, P.* ; Brozzetti, F.* ; de Nardis, R.* ; Di Naccio, D.* ; Ferarini, F.* ; Pizzi, A.* ; Pomposo, G.* 
Jun-2012Crustal structure and seismotectonics of central Sicily (southern Italy): new constraints from instrumental seismicitySgroi, T.* ; de Nardis, R.* ; Lavecchia, G.* 
20-Jan-2021Fault Pattern and Seismotectonic Style of the Campania – Lucania 1980 Earthquake (Mw 6.9, Southern Italy): New Multidisciplinary ConstraintsBello, S.* ; De Nardis, R.* ; Scarpa, Roberto* ; Brozzetti, F.* ; Cirillo, D.* ; Ferrarini, F.* ; Di Lieto, Bellina* ; Arrowsmith, Ramón J.* ; Lavecchia, G.* 
2008Geophysical investigations for seismic zonation in municipal areas with complex geology: The case study of Celano, ItalyCardarelli, E.* ; Cercato, M.* ; De Nardis, R.* ; Di Filippo, G.* ; Milana, G.* 
13-Nov-2007Integration of geological and macroseismic data to define probable seismic scenarios in terms of macroseismic intensity and related seismogenic source models. The Maiella 1706 earthquake (Abruzzo, Italy)de Nardis, R.* ; Galadini, F.* ; Lavecchia, G.* ; Marcucci, S.* ; Milana, G.* ; Pace, B.* ; Visini, F.* 
2009Rates of active compressional deformation in central Italy and Sicily: evaluation of the seismic budgetVisini, F. ; De Nardis, R. ; Lavecchia, G. 
1-Jan-2016Seismic response of a deep continental basin including velocity inversion: the Sulmona intramontane basin (Central Apennines, Italy)Di Giulio, G.* ; de Nardis, R.* ; Boncio, P.* ; Milana, G.* ; Rosatelli, G.* ; Stoppa, F.* ; Laecchia, G.* 
2007Seismogenic evidence of ongoing compression in eastern-central Italy and mainland Sicily: a comparisonLavecchia, G.* ; De Nardis, R.* ; Visini, F.* ; Ferrarini, F.* ; Barbano, M. S.*