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Mar-2015Continuous gravity and tilt observations in an active geodynamic area of southern Italy: the Calabrian Arc systemAlbano, A.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Gervasi, A.* ; Guerra, I.* 
Oct-1997Continuous record of the gravity changes at Mt. VesuviusBerrino, G.* ; Corrado, G,* ; Magliulo, R.* ; Riccardi, U.* 
1996Geodetic Observations at the Eolian Islands (Southern Italy)Achilli, V.* ; Berrino, G.* ; Obrizzo, F.* ; Anzidei, M.* ; Casula, G.* ; Riguzzi, F.* ; Baldi, P.* ; Baratin, L.* ; Gandolfi, S.* ; Carniel, R.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Lanzafame, G.* ; Puglisi, G.* ; Targa, G.* ; Vettore, A.* 
Oct-2009Gravity tide in the Neapolitan volcanic areaRiccardi, U.* ; Berrino, G.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Albano, A.* ; Esposito, T.* 
2006Ground deformation and gravity changes on the Island of Pantelleria in the geodynamic framework of the Sicily ChannelBehncke, B.* ; Berrino, G.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Velardita, R.* 
Feb-2008The new IMGC-02 transportable absolute gravimeter: measurement apparatus and applications in geophysics and volcanologyD’Agostino, G.* ; Desogus, S.* ; Germak, A.* ; Origlia, C.* ; Quagliotti, D.* ; Berrino, G.* ; Corrado, G.* ; D’errico, V.* ; Ricciardi, G.* 
2006On the capability of recording gravity stations to detect signals coming from volcanic activity: the case of Vesuvius.Berrino, G.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Riccardi, U.* 
2008Sea gravity data in the Gulf of Naples. A contribution to delineating the structural pattern of the Phlegraean Volcanic DistrictBerrino, G.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Riccardi, U.* 
Feb-2008Strategies in the processing and analysis of continuous gravity record in active volcanic areas: the case of Mt. VesuviusRiccardi, U.* ; Berrino, G.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Hinderer, J.*