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Jul-2014Astronomical calibration of the Danian Stage (Early Paleocene) revisited: settling chronologies across the Atlantic and Pacific OceansDinarès-Turell, J.* ; Westerhold, T.* ; Pujalte, V.* ; Röhl, U.* ; Kroon, D.* 
Mar-2009Correlation of the Thanetian-Ilerdian turnover of larger foraminifera and the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum: confirming evidence from the Campo area (Pyrenees, Spain)Pujalte, V.* ; Schmitz, B.* ; Baceta, J. I.* ; Orue-Etxebarria, X.* ; Bernaola, G.* ; Dinarès-Turell, J.* ; Payros, A.* ; Apellaniz, E.* ; Caballero, F.* 
Jun-2013Detailed correlation and astronomical forcing within the Upper Maastrichtian succession in the Basque BasinDinarès-Turell, J.* ; Pujalte, V.* ; Stoykova, K.* ; Elorza, J.* 
1-Jul-2013Extending Back the Palaeogene Astronomical Time Scale: An Integrated Analysis of the Upper Maastrichtian Strata in the Basque BasinDinarès-Turell, J.* ; Pujalte, V.* ; Stoykova, K.* ; Elorza, J.* 
Jun-2009Filling the North European Early/Middle Eocene (Ypresian/Lutetian) boundary gap: Insights from the Pyrenean continental to deep-marine recordPayros, A.* ; Tosquella, J.* ; Bernaola, G.* ; Dinarès-Turell, J.* ; Orue-Etxebarria, X.* ; Pujalte, V.* 
Jun-2011The Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for the base of the Lutetian Stage at the Gorrondatxe section, SpainMolina, E.* ; Alegret, L.* ; Apellaniz, E.* ; Bernaola, G.* ; Caballero, F.* ; Dinarès-Turell, J.* ; Hardenbol, J.* ; Heilmann-Clausen, C.* ; Larrasoaña, J. C.* ; Luterbacher, H.* ; Monechi, S.* ; Ortiz, S.* ; Orue- Etxebarria, X.* ; Payros, A.* ; Pujalte, V.* ; Rodríguez-Tovar, F. J.* ; Tori, F.* ; Tosquella, J.* ; Uchman, A.* 
Dec-2011The Global Stratotype Sections and Points for the bases of the Selandian (Middle Paleocene) and Thanetian (Upper Paleocene) stages at Zumaia, SpainSchmitz, B.* ; Pujalte, V.* ; Molina, E.* ; Monechi, S.* ; Orue-Etxebarria, X.* ; Speijer, R. P.* ; Alegret, L.* ; Apellaniz, E.* ; Arenillas, I.* ; Aubry, M. P.* ; Baceta, J. I.* ; Berggren, W. A.* ; Bernaola, G.* ; Caballero, F.* ; Clemmensen, A.* ; Dinarès-Turell, J.* ; Dupuis, C.* ; Heilmann-Clausen, C.* ; Orús, A. H.* ; Knox, R.* ; Martín-Rubio, M.* ; Ortiz, S.* ; Payros, A.* ; Petrizzo, M. R.* ; von Salis, K.* ; Sprong, J.* ; Steurbaut, E.* ; Thomsen, E.* 
16-Sep-2010High-resolution intra- and interbasinal correlation of the Danian–Selandian transition (Early Paleocene): The Bjala section (Bulgaria) and the Selandian GSSP at Zumaia (Spain)Dinarès-Turell, J.* ; Stoykova, K.* ; Baceta, J. I.* ; Ivanov, M.* ; Pujalte, V.* 
2006Magneto- and cyclostratigraphy of the Mid-Paleocene interval, in Climate & Biota of the Early PaleogeneDinarès-Turell, J.* ; Baceta, J.* ; Pujalte, V.* 
2012The Palaeocene ‘‘top chron C27n’’ transient greenhouse episode: evidence from marine pelagic Atlantic and peri-Tethyan sectionsDinarès-Turell, J.* ; Pujalte, V.* ; Stoykova, K.* ; Baceta, J. I.* ; Ivanov, M.* 
1-Jul-2013Settling the Danian Astronomical Time Scale: A Prospective Global Unit Stratotype at Zumaia, Basque BasinDinarès-Turell, J.* ; Westerhold, T.* ; Pujalte, V.* ; Röhl, U.* ; Kroon, D.*