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20163-D high-speed imaging of volcanic bomb trajectory in basaltic explosive eruptionsGaudin, D.* ; Taddeucci, Jacopo* ; Houghton, B. F.* ; Orr, T. R.* ; Andronico, Daniele* ; Del Bello, E.* ; Kueppers, U.* ; Ricci, Tullio* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* 
12-Jun-2007Advances in the Study of Volcanic AshTaddeucci, J.* ; Scarlato, P.* ; Andronico, D.* ; Cristaldi, A.* ; Buettner, R.* ; Zimanowski, B.* ; Kueppers, U.* 
Sep-2017Drone Peers into Open Volcanic VentsTurner, Nicolas* ; Houghton, Bruce* ; Taddeucci, Jacopo* ; von der Lieth, Jost* ; Kueppers, Ullrich* ; Gaudin, Damien* ; Ricci, Tullio* ; Kim, Karl* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* 
2017The dynamics of volcanic jets: Temporal evolution of particles exit velocity from shock-tube experimentsCigala, V.* ; Kueppers, U.* ; Pena Fernandez, J. J.* ; Taddeucci, Jacopo* ; Sesterhenn, J.* ; Dingwell, D. B.* 
30-Aug-2006"Explosive Energy" during volcanic eruptions from fractal analysis of pyroclastsKueppers, U.* ; Perugini, D.* ; Dingwell, D. B.* 
1-Mar-2005Field-based density measurements as tool to identify preeruption dome structure: set-up and first results from Unzen volcano, JapanKueppers, U.* ; Scheu, B.* ; Spieler, O.* ; Dingwell, D. B.* 
2012Floating stones off El Hierro, Canary Islands: xenoliths of pre-island sedimentary origin in the early products of the October 2011 eruptionTroll, V. R.* ; Klugel, A.* ; Longpre, M. -A.* ; Burchardt, S.* ; Deegan, F. M.* ; Carracedo, J. C.* ; Wiesmaier, S.* ; Kueppers, U.* ; Dahern, B.* ; Hansteen, T. H.* ; Freda, C.* ; Budd, D.* ; Jolis, E. M.* ; Polacci, M.* 
15-May-2006Fragmentation efficiency of explosive volcanic eruptions: A study of experimentally generated pyroclastsKueppers, U.* ; Scheu, B.* ; Spieler, O.* ; Dingwell, D. B.* 
30-Sep-2004The fragmentation threshold of pyroclastic rocksSpieler, O.* ; Kennedy, B.* ; Kueppers, U.* ; Dingwell, D. B.* ; Scheu, B.* ; Taddeucci, J.* 
18-Jan-2012High-speed imaging of Strombolian explosions: The ejection velocity of pyroclastsTaddeucci, J.* ; Scarlato, P.* ; Capponi, A.* ; Del Bello, E.* ; Cimarelli, C.* ; Palladino, D.* ; Kueppers, U.* 
4-Dec-2005Nature and efficiency of pyroclast generation from porous magma: Insights from field investigations and laboratory experimentsKueppers, U. 
2017Time-series analysis of fissure-fed multi-vent activity: a snapshot from the July 2014 eruption of Etna volcano (Italy)Spina, L.* ; Taddeucci, Jacopo* ; Cannata, Andrea* ; Sciotto, Mariangela* ; Del Bello, Elisabetta* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Kueppers, U.* ; Andronico, Daniele* ; Privitera, Eugenio* ; Ricci, Tullio* ; Pena Fernandez, J. J.* ; Sesterhenn, J.* ; Dingwell, D. B.* 
19-Jun-2015Variability in composition and physical properties of the sedimentary basement of Mt Etna, ItalyWiesmaier, S. ; Heap, M. J. ; Branca, S. ; Gilg, H. A. ; Kueppers, U. ; Uwe Hess, K. ; Lavallée, Y. ; Dingwell, D. B.