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1-Dec-2011Atmospheric sources and sinks of volcanogenic elements in a basaltic volcano (Etna, Italy)Calabrese, S.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Allard, P.* ; Bagnato, E.* ; Bellomo, S.* ; Brusca, L.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* ; Parello, F.* 
Nov-2007Degassing of gaseous (elemental and reactive) and particulate mercury from Mount Etna volcano (Southern Italy)Bagnato, E.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Parello, F.* ; Calabrese, S.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* ; Mather, T. A.* ; McGonigle, A. J. S.* ; Pyle, D. M.* ; Wängberg, I.* 
2014First combined flux chamber survey of mercury and CO2 emissions from soil diffuse degassing at Solfatara of Pozzuoli crater, Campi Flegrei (Italy): Mapping and quantification of gas releaseBagnato, E.* ; Barra, M.* ; Cardellini, C.* ; Chiodini, G.* ; Parello, F.* ; Sprovieri, M.* 
15-Apr-2012Halogens and trace metal emissions from the ongoing 2008 summit eruption of Kīlauea volcano, HawaìiMather, T.* ; Witt, M.* ; Pyle, D.* ; Quayle, B.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Bagnato, E.* ; Martin, R.* ; Sims, K.* ; Edmonds, M.* ; Sutton, J.* ; Ilyinskaya, I.* 
27-May-2017Hydrochemical mercury distribution and air-sea exchange over the submarine hydrothermal vents off-shore Panarea Island (Aeolian arc, Tyrrhenian Sea)Bagnato, E.* ; Oliveri, E.* ; Acquavita, A.* ; Covelli, S.* ; Petranich, E.* ; Barra, M.* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Parello, F.* ; Sprovieri, M.* 
20-Sep-2011The impact of volcanic emissions on Etna’s snow coverCalabrese, S.* ; Parello, F.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Bagnato, E.* ; Bellomo, S.* ; Brusca, L.* ; Liotta, M.* 
14-Sep-2011Leachate analyses of volcanic ashes from Stromboli volcano: A proxy for the volcanic gas plume composition?Bagnato, E.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Andronico, D.* ; Cristaldi, A.* ; Liotta, M.* ; Brusca, L.* ; Miraglia, L.* 
13-Jun-2008Mercury and halogen emissions from Masaya and Telica volcanoes, NicaraguaWitt, M. L. I.* ; Mather, T. A.* ; Pyle, D. M.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Bagnato, E.* 
2008Mercury concentration, speciation and budget in volcanic aquifers: Italy and Guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles)Bagnato, E.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* ; Parello, F.* ; Allard, P.* ; Calabrese, S.* 
2009Mercury concentration, speciation and budget in volcanic aquifers: Italy and Guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles)Bagnato, E.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Parello, F.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* ; Allard, P.* ; Calabrese, S.* 
2009Mercury content and speciation in the Phlegrean Fields volcanic complex: Evidence from hydrothermal system and fumarolesBagnato, E.* ; Parello, F.* ; Valenza, M.* ; Caliro, S.* 
2009Mercury gas emissions from La Soufrière Volcano, Guadeloupe Island (Lesser Antilles)Bagnato, E.* ; Allard, P.* ; Parello, F.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Calabrese, S.* ; Hammouya, G.* 
28-Jul-2017Monitoring diffuse volcanic degassing during volcanic unrests: the case of Campi Flegrei (Italy)Cardellini, C.* ; Chiodini, Giovanni* ; Frondini, F.* ; Avino, Rosario* ; Bagnato, E.* ; Caliro, Stefano* ; Lelli, M.* ; Rosiello, A.* 
2011New clues on the contribution of Earth’s volcanism to the global mercury cycleBagnato, E.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Parello, F.* ; Allard, P.* ; Shinohara, H.* ; Liuzzo, M.* ; Giudice, G.* 
3-Sep-2015Prodigious emission rates and magma degassing budget of major, trace and radioactive volatile species from Ambrym basaltic volcano, Vanuatu island ArcAllard, P.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Bani, P.* ; Métrich, N.* ; Bertagnini, A.* ; Gauthier, P. J.* ; Shinohara, H.* ; Sawyer, G.* ; Parello, F.* ; Bagnato, E.* ; Pelletier, B.* ; Garaebiti, E.* 
2007Real-time simultaneous detection of volcanic Hg and SO2 at La Fossa Crater Vulcano (Aeolian Islands, Sicily)Aiuppa, A.* ; Bagnato, E.* ; Witt, M. L. I.* ; Mather, T. A.* ; Parello, F.* ; Pyle, D. M.* ; Martin, R. S.* 
15-Jan-2014Reply to the “Comment by Delmelle et al. (2013) on “Scavenging of sulfur, halogens and trace metals by volcanic ash: The 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption”Bagnato, E.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Bertagnini, A.* ; Bonadonna, C.* ; Cioni, R.* ; Pistolesi, M.* ; Pedone, M.* ; Hoskuldsson, A.*