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7-Sep-2016Analysis of the San Giuliano di Puglia (Southern Italy) active faults: an integrated approachLuiso, Paola* ; Paoletti, Valeria* ; Gaudiosi, Germana* ; Nappi, Rosa* ; Cella, Federico* ; Fedi, Maurizio* 
1992Application of artificial intelligence techniques in seismology and engineering seismologyCella, F.* ; Meroni, Fabrizio* ; Zonno, Gaetano* 
1995An application on Geographic Information Systems connected to Expert SystemCella, F.* ; Grimaz, Stefano* ; Meroni, Fabrizio* ; Petrini, V.* ; Tomasoni, R.* ; Zonno, Gaetano* 
2021Basement Mapping of the Fucino Basin in Central Italy by ITRESC Modeling of Gravity DataCella, Federico* ; Nappi, Rosa* ; Paoletti, Valeria* ; Florio, Giovanni* 
Aug-1998Boundaries of magnetic anomaly sources in the Tyrrhenian regionCella, F.* ; Fedi, M.* ; Florio, G.* ; Rapolla, A.* 
15-Aug-2022Comment on “Gravity modeling reveals a Messinian foredeep depocenter beneath the intermontane Fucino basin (Central Apennines)” byFlorio, Giovanni* ; Paoletti, Valeria* ; Nappi, Rosa* ; Cella, Federico* 
29-May-2018Gravity modeling finds a large magma body in the deep crust below the Gulf of Naples, ItalyFedi, M.* ; Cella, F.* ; D'Antonio, M.* ; Florio, G.* ; Paoletti, V.* ; Morra, V.* 
2002Improved techniques in data analysis and interpretation of potential fields: examples of application in volcanic and seismically active areasRapolla, A.* ; Cella, F.* ; Fedi, M.* ; Florio, G.* 
3-Mar-2018A multidisciplinary approach to characterize the geometry of active faults: the example of Mt. Massico, Southern ItalyLuiso, Paola* ; Paoletti, Valeria* ; Nappi, Rosa* ; La Manna, Mauro* ; Cella, Federico* ; Gaudiosi, Germana* ; Fedi, Maurizio* ; Iorio, Marina* 
12-Sep-2012Multiparametric data analysis for seismic source identification in the Campanian area: merging of seismological, structural and gravimetric dataGaudiosi, G.* ; Alessio, G.* ; Cella, F.* ; Fedi, M.* ; Florio, G.* ; Nappi, R.* 
Oct-1996Parameters estimation of intensity decay relationshipsCella, F.* ; Zonno, G.* ; Meroni, F.* 
Feb-2008A review of the gravity and magnetic studies in the Tyrrhenian Basin and its volcanic districtsCella, F.* ; Fedi, M.* ; Florio, G.* ; Paoletti, V.* ; Rapolla, A.* 
Oct-2018Testing the value of a multi-scale gravimetric analysis in characterizing active fault 2 geometry at hypocentral depths: the 2016-2017 Central Italy seismic sequenceLuiso, Paola* ; Paoletti, Valeria* ; Nappi, Rosa* ; Gaudiosi, Germana* ; Cella, Federico* ; Fedi, Maurizio*