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2009Calibration and validation of reservoir models: the importance of high resolution, quantitative outcrop analoguesJones, R. R.* ; McCaffrey, K. J. W.* ; Imber, J* ; Wightman, R.* ; Smith, S. A. F.* ; Holdsworth, R. E.* ; Clegg, P.* ; De Paola, N.* ; Healy, D.* 
2011Fault lubrication and earthquake propagation in thermally unstable rocksDe Paola, N.* ; Hirose, T.* ; Mitchell, T.* ; Di Toro, G.* ; Viti, C.* ; Shimamoto, T.* 
24-Mar-2011Fault lubrication during earthquakesDi Toro, G.* ; Han, R.* ; Hirose, T.* ; De Paola, N.* ; Nielsen, S.* ; Mizoguchi, K.* ; Ferri, F.* ; Cocco, M.* ; Shimamoto, T.* 
2008Fault weakening due to CO2 degassing in the Northern Apennines: short- and long-term processesCollettini, C.* ; Cardellini, C.* ; Chiodini, G.* ; De Paola, N.* ; Holdsworth, R. E.* ; Smith, S. A. F.* 
25-Sep-2007Fluid overpressure as the triggering mechanism for the seismicity of the Northern Apennines: constraints from field and laboratory dataDe Paola, N.* ; Collettini, C.* ; Faulkner, D.* 
2011The geochemical signature caused by earthquake propagation in carbonate-hosted faultsDe Paola, N.* ; Chiodini, G.* ; Hirose, T.* ; Cardellini, C.* ; Caliro, S.* ; Shimamoto, T.* 
4-May-2021Lithological and stress anisotropy control large-scale seismic velocity variations in tight carbonatesTrippetta, Fabio* ; Barchi, Massimiliano Rinaldo* ; Tinti, Elisa* ; Volpe, Gianluca* ; Rosset, G* ; De Paola, N.* 
26-Sep-2022Rock and fault rheology explain differences between on fault and distributed seismicityCollettini, Cristiano* ; Barchi, Massimiliano Rinaldo* ; De Paola, N.* ; Trippetta, Fabio* ; Tinti, Elisa*