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Apr-2001Could ionospheric variations be precursors of a seismic event? A short discussionKouris, S. S.* ; Spalla, P.* ; Zolesi, B.* 
2009Detrend effect on the scalograms of GPS power scintillationMaterassi, M.* ; Alfonsi, Lu.* ; De Franceschi, G.* ; Romano, V.* ; Mitchell, C. N.* ; Spalla, P.* 
Sep-1995Enhanced variability in the topside ionosphereGulyaeva, T.* ; Spalla, P.* 
Aug-2009Ionospheric scintillation monitoring and modellingBéniguel, Y.* ; Romano, V.* ; Alfonsi, Lu.* ; Aquino, M.* ; Bourdillon, A.* ; Cannon, P.* ; De Franceschi, G.* ; Dubey, S.* ; Forte, B.* ; Gherm, V.* ; Jakowski, N.* ; Materassi, M.* ; Noack, T.* ; Pozoga, M.* ; Rogers, N.* ; Spalla, P.* ; Strangeways, H. J.* ; Warrington, E. M.* ; Wernik, A.* ; Wilken, V.* ; Zernov, N.* 
31-Aug-2011ISIS - INTER-SATELLITE & IN SITU PLASMASPHERIC MONITORING AND MODELLING: A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY OF STUDYING THE EARTH’S PLASMASPHERE VIA THE EUROPEAN GNSS SATELLITE SYSTEMMaterassi, Massimo* ; Banfi, Emilio* ; Ciraolo, Luigi* ; De Michelis, Paola* ; Muscinelli, Roberto* ; Scacchetti, Carlo* ; Spalla, Paolo* ; Tozzi, Roberta* ; Zin, Alberto* ; Zoppi, Marco* 
2013The ISIS Project: Indications for Future Near-Earth Plasma Studies through Future Galileo SatellitesMaterassi, M.* ; Arbesser-Rastburg, B.* ; Banfi, E.* ; Ciraolo, L.* ; De Michelis, P.* ; Muscinelli, R.* ; Ponzoni, C.* ; Scacchetti, C.* ; Spalla, P.* ; Tozzi, R.* ; Zin, A.* 
Jun-2007MIRTO: a prototype for real-time ionospheric imaging over the Mediterranean areaAlfonsi, Lu.* ; Mitchell, C. N.* ; Romano, V.* ; Spalla, P.* 
15-Jun-2011Optimum parameter for estimating phase fluctuations on transionospheric signals at high latitudesForte, B.* ; Materassi, M.* ; Alfonsi, Lu.* ; Romano, V.* ; De Franceschi, G.* ; Spalla, P.* 
2004Relations between electron contentand peak density: regular and extreme behaviourLeitinger, R.* ; Ciraolo, L.* ; Kersley, L.* ; Kouris, S. S.* ; Spalla, P.* 
Aug-2006Slant total electron content for Sirio-Mortelliccio ray pathCabrera, M. A.* ; Ezquer, R. G.* ; Spalla, P.* 
Sep-1994TEC and f0F2 comparisonSpalla, P.* ; Cairolo, L.*