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2002Aerial remote sensing hyperspectral techniques for rocky outcrops mappingFilizzola, C.* ; Pergola, N.* ; Pignatti, S.* ; Tramutoli, V.* 
Feb-2006Assessment of water vapor content from MIVIS TIR dataBassani, C.* ; Cuomo, V.* ; Lanorte, V.* ; Pignatti, S.* ; Tramutoli, V.* 
Feb-2006Classification of submersed aquatic vegetation of the Venice lagoon using MIVIS airborne dataAlberotanza, L.* ; Cavalli, R. M.* ; Pignatti, S.* ; Zandonella, A.* 
Feb-2006Correction of sun glint effect on MIVIS data of the Sicily campaign in July 2000Cavalli, R. M.* ; Pignatti, S.* ; Zappitelli, E.* 
Feb-2006Laboratory activity for a new procedure of MIVIS calibration and relative validation with test dataBassani, C.* ; Cavalli, M. R.* ; Palombo, A.* ; Pignatti, S.* ; Madonna, F.* 
Feb-2006MIVIS image geocoding experience on merging position attitude system data and public domain GPS stream (ASI-GeoDAF)Avanzi, G.* ; Palombo, A.* ; Pignatti, S.* 
Feb-2006Multiscale integration of satellite, airborne and field data for Mediterranean vegetation studies in the natural area of the Castelporziano Estate (Rome)Allegrini, A.* ; Anselmi, S.* ; Cavalli, R. M.* ; Manes, F* ; Pignatti, S.* 
Feb-2006The natural areas of Rome Province detected by airborne remotely sensed dataCavalli, R. M.* ; Fusilli, L.* ; Guidi, A.* ; Pascucci, S.* ; Pignatti, S.* ; Vannicelli Casoni, L.* ; Vinci, M.* 
Feb-2006Relations between morphological settings and vegetation covers in a medium relief landscape of Central ItalyAbbate, G.* ; Cavalli, R. M.* ; Pascucci, S.* ; Pignatti, S.* ; Poscolieri, M.*