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2018Cansiglio Karst Plateau: 10 Years of Geodetic–Hydrological Observations in Seismically Active Northeast ItalyGrillo, Barbara* ; Braitenberg, Carla* ; Nagy, Ildikò* ; Devoti, Roberto* ; Zuliani, David* ; Fabris, Paolo* 
6-Nov-2012Dispositivo di calibrazione per il digitalizzatore della Grotta GiganteSpinelli, Giuseppe* ; Benedetti, Paolo* ; Braitemberg, Carla* ; Romeo, Giovanni* ; Taccetti, Quintilio* 
Aug-1999The Friuli (NE-Italy) tilt/strain gauges and short term observationsBraitenberg, C. 
2009The GRACE-satellite gravity and geoid fields in analysing large-scale,Braitenberg, Carla ; Ebbing, Jörg 
31-Mar-2015Hydrologically induced slope deformations detected by GPS and clinometric surveys in the Cansiglio Plateau, southern AlpsDevoti, R.* ; Zuliani, D.* ; Braitenberg, C.* ; Fabris, P.* ; Grillo, B.* 
2018Interference of tectonic signals in subsurface hydrologic monitoring through gravity and GPS due to mountain buildingChen, Wenjin* ; Braitenberg, Carla* ; Serpelloni, Enrico* 
Jan-1996The iterative signal enhancing method for determining magnetotelluric impedanceBraitenberg, C.* ; Zadro, M.* 
26-Oct-2012LA STAZIONE GEOFISICA IPOGEA DELLA GROTTA GIGANTE (CARSO TRIESTINO)Braitenberg, Carla* ; Zadro, Maria* ; Nagy, Ildikò* ; Grillo, Barbara* ; Tenze, Daniele* ; Mariani, Patrizia* ; Zidarich, Sergio Zidarich* ; Romeo, Giovanni* ; Taccetti, Quintilio* ; Spinelli, Giuseppe* ; Benedetti, Paolo* 
2018A quantitative approach to the loading rate of seismogenic sources in ItalyCaporali, Alessandro* ; Braitenberg, Carla* ; Montone, Paola* ; Rossi, Giuliana* ; Valensise, Gianluca* ; Viganò, Alfio* ; Zurutuza, Joaquin* 
Oct-1997Spectral methods in gravity inversion: the geopotential field and its derivativesZadro, M.* ; Braitenberg, C.* 
2011The study of karstic aquifers by geodetic measurements in bus de la genziana station – cansiglio plateau (northeastern Italy)Grillo, B.* ; Braitenberg, C.* ; Devoti, R.* ; Nagy, I.* 
Jan-2019Terrain uplift due to natural hydrologic overpressure in karstic conduitsBraitenberg, Carla* ; Pivetta, Tommaso* ; Barbolla, Dora Francesca* ; Gabrovsek, Franci* ; Devoti, Roberto* ; Nagy, Ildiko* 
2006The very-broad-band long-base tiltmeters of Grotta Gigante (Trieste,Italy): Secular term tilting and the great Sumatra-Andaman islands earthquake of December 26, 2004Braitemberg, C.* ; Romeo, G.* ; Taccetti, Q.* ; Nagy, I.*