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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2008About the shallow resistivity structure of Vesuvius volcanoTroiano, A.* ; Petrillo, Z.* ; Di Giuseppe, M. G.* ; Balasco, M.* ; Diaferia, I.* ; Di Fiore, B.* ; Siniscalchi, A.* ; Patella, D.* 
2002Advanced magnetic visualization of Mt. Vesuvius shallow plumbing system by probability tomographyIuliano, T.* ; Mauriello, P.* ; Patella, D.* 
Apr-2000Application of electric and electromagnetic methods to the definition of the Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy)Di Maio, R.* ; Patella, D.* ; Petrillo, Z.* ; Siniscalchi, A.* ; Cecere, G.* ; De Martino, P.* 
Nov-1994Application of unconventional geoelectrical methods to the hydrogeological examination of the Mt. S. Croce rock formations (Umbria, Italy) involved in a railway tunnel projectCoppola, B.* ; Lapenna, V.* ; Mancini, M.* ; Patella, D.* 
2015Electrical resistivity tomography imaging of the near-surface structure of the Solfatara crater, Campi Flegrei (Naples, Italy)Di Giuseppe, Maria Giulia* ; Troiano, Antonio* ; Fedele, Alessandro* ; Caputo, Teresa* ; Patella, D.* ; Troise, Claudia* ; De Natale, Giuseppe* 
2014Electromagnetic outline of the Solfatara-Pisciarelli hydrothermal system, Campi Flegrei (Southern Italy)Troiano, Antonio* ; Di Giuseppe, Maria Giulia* ; Patella, D.* ; Troise, Claudia* ; De Natale, Giuseppe* 
Apr-2000Examples of application of electrical tomographies and radar profiling to cultural heritageCammarano, F.* ; Di Fiore, B.* ; Mauriello, P.* ; Patella, D.* 
2002Examples of application of tensorial resistivity probability tomography to architectonic and archaeological targetsDi Fiore, B.* ; Mauriello, P.* ; Monna, D.* ; Patella, D.* 
2017Fluid injection in Enhanced Geothermal Systems: a study on the detectability of self-potential effects and on their correlation with induced seismicityTroiano, Antonio* ; Di Giuseppe, Maria Giulia* ; Monetti, A* ; Patella, D.* ; Troise, Claudia* ; De Natale, Giuseppe* 
2018A geophysical k-means cluster analysis of the Solfatara-Pisciarelli volcano-geothermal system, Campi Flegrei (Naples, Italy)Di Giuseppe, Maria Giulia* ; Troiano, Antonio* ; Patella, D.* ; Piochi, Monica* ; Carlino, Stefano* 
1993I principi metodologici della magnetellurica su mezzi generalmente dispersiviPatella, D. 
24-Mar-2009Imaging 2D structures by the CSAMT method: application to the Pantano di S. Gregorio Magno faulted basin (Southern Italy)Troiano, A.* ; Di Giuseppe, M. G.* ; Petrillo, Z.* ; Patella, D.* 
Apr-2000An integrated magnetotelluric study of the Mt. Etna volcanic structureMauriello, P.* ; Patella, D.* ; Petrillo, Z.* ; Siniscalchi, A.* 
Feb-2008Integration of geophysical datasets by a conjoint probability tomography approach: application to Italian active volcanic areasMauriello, P.* ; Patella, D.* 
Aug-1998Integration of high resolution geophysical methods. Detection of shallow depth bodies of archaeological interestCammarano, F.* ; Mauriello, P.* ; Patella, D.* ; Piro, S.* ; Rosso, F.* ; Versino, L.* 
2005Magnetotelluric profiling along the crop-04 section in the Southern ApenninesPatella, D.* ; Siniscalchi, A.* ; Petrillo, Z.* ; Improta, L.* ; Di Fiore, B.* 
2017The magnetotelluric response over a 3D polarizable structureEsposito, R.* ; Troiano, Antonio* ; Di Giuseppe, Maria Giulia* ; Patella, D.* ; Castelo Branco, R. M.* 
Feb-2008Modeling electrical dispersion phenomena in Earth materialsPatella, D. 
Mar-1997Modelling earth current precursors in earthquake predictionPatella, D.* ; Tramacere, A.* ; Di Maio, R.* 
2003On the role of the J-E constitutive relationship in applied geoelectromagnetismPatella, D.