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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2000Analytical investigation on tsunamis generated by submarine slidesTinti, S.* ; Bortolucci, E.* 
30-Mar-2012Applicability of the Decision Matrix of North Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and connected seas Tsunami Warning System to the Italian tsunamisTinti, S.* ; Graziani, L.* ; Brizuela, B.* ; Maramai, A.* ; Gallazzi, S.* 
2008AN APPLICATION OF ARCGIS SERVER AND ARCGIS EXPLORER: INTEGRATING AND DISSEMINATING TSUNAMI-RELATED DATA IN EUROPETinti, Stefano* ; Gallazzi, Sara* ; Elashvili, Mikheil* ; Pantosti, Daniela* ; Patera, Antonio* ; Wyss, Max* 
15-Jul-2010Applying and validating the PTVA-3 Model at the Aeolian Islands, Italy: assessment of the vulnerability of buildings to tsunamisDall’Osso, F.* ; Maramai, A.* ; Graziani, L.* ; Brizuela, B.* ; Cavalletti, A.* ; Gonella, M.* ; Tinti, S.* 
Dec-2005Assessing the hazard related to tsunamis of tectonic origin: a hybrid statistical-deterministic method applied to southern Italy coastsTinti, S.* ; Armigliato, A.* ; Tonini, R.* ; Maramai, A.* ; Graziani, L.* 
Dec-1996Catalogue of tsunamis generated in Italy and in Côte d'Azur, France: a step towards a unified catalogue of tsunamis in EuropeTinti, S.* ; Maramai, A.* 
Sep-1994A finite-element numerical approach for modeling tsunamisTinti, S.* ; Gavagni, I.* ; Piatanesi, A.* 
2010A GIS interface to the new Euro-Mediterranean Tsunami Catalogue produced by the TRANSFER projectGallazzi, Sara* ; Tinti, Stefano* ; Armigliato, Alberto* ; Maramai, Alessandra* ; Patera, Antonio* 
2009The great Adriatic flood of 21 June 1978 revisited: an overview of the reportsVucetic, T.* ; Vilibic, I.* ; Tinti, S.* ; Maramai, A.* 
18-Apr-2016International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG): an update on activitiesDi Capua, G.* ; Bobrowsky, P.* ; Kieffer, S.* ; Peppoloni, S.* ; Tinti, S.* 
Jan-2007Investigation on tsunami effects in the central Adriatic Sea during the last century - a contributionMaramai, A.* ; Graziani, L.* ; Tinti, S.* 
2014Modeling the 2004 Sumatra tsunami at Seychelles Islands: site-effect analysis and comparison with observationsTonini, R.* ; Armigliato, A.* ; Pagnoni, G.* ; Tinti, S.* 
Nov-2004The new catalogue of the Italian tsunamisTinti, S.* ; Maramai, A.* ; Graziani, L.* 
Nov-2001A new version of the European tsunami catalogue: updating and revisionTinti, S.* ; Maramai, A.* ; Graziani, L.* 
2006Observations of physical effects from tsunamis of December 30, 2002 at Stromboli volcano, southern ItalyTinti, S.* ; Maramai, A.* ; Armigliato, A.* ; Graziani, L.* ; Manucci, A.* ; Pagnoni, G.* ; Zaniboni, F.* 
2006A revision of the 1783–1784 Calabrian (southern Italy) tsunamisGraziani, L.* ; Maramai, A.* ; Tinti, S.* 
2004Seismic Signals Associated with Landslides and with a Tsunami at Stromboli Volcano, ItalyLa Rocca, M.* ; Galluzzo, D.* ; Saccorotti, G.* ; Tinti, S.* ; Cimini, G. B.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* 
2003Simulation of tsunamis induced by volcanic activity in the Gulf of Naples (Italy)Tinti, S.* ; Pagnoni, G.* ; Piatanesi, A.* 
2012Tsunami risk assessments in Messina, Sicily – ItalyGrezio, A.* ; Gasparini, P.* ; Marzocchi, W.* ; Patera, A.* ; Tinti, S.* 
Feb-2005Tsunamis in the Aeolian Islands (Southern Italy): a reviewMaramai, A.* ; Graziani, L.* ; Tinti, S.*