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Apr-1999Development of an improved geomagnetic reference field of AntarcticaDe Santis, A.* ; Chiappini, M.* ; Torta, J. M.* ; von Frese, R. R. B.* 
Feb-2009An example of operation for a partly manned Antarctic geomagnetic observatory and the development of a radio link for data transmissionTorta, J. M.* ; Marsal, S.* ; Riddick, J. C.* ; Vilella, C.* ; Altadill, D.* ; Blanch, E.* ; Cid, O.* ; Curto, J. J.* ; De Santis, A.* ; Gaya-Piqué, L. R.* ; Mauricio, J.* ; Pijoan, J. L.* ; Solé, J. G.* ; Ugalde, A.* 
Feb-2014A geomagnetic field model fo the Holocene based on archaeomagnetic and lava flow dataPavón-Carrasco, F. J.* ; Torta, J. M.* ; Osete, M. L.* ; De Santis, A.* 
Mar-1997High-resolution aeromagnetic survey of the Teide volcano (Canary Islands): a preliminary analysisGarcìa, A.* ; Blanco, I.* ; Torta, J. M.* ; Socías, I.* 
Mar-2013Improving total field geomagnetic secular variation modeling from a new set 3 of cross-over marine dataPavón-Carrasco, F. J.* ; Torta, J. M.* ; Catalán, M.* ; Talarn, A.* ; Ishihara, T.* 
2003ITalian Geomagnetic Reference Field (ITGRF): update for 2000 and secular variation model up to 2005 by autoregressive forecastingDe Santis, A.* ; Gaya-Piqué, L.* ; Dominici, G.* ; Meloni, A.* ; Torta, J. M.* ; Tozzi, R.* 
Mar-1997Magnetic study of the Furnas caldera (Azores)Blanco, I.* ; Garcìa, A.* ; Torta, J. M.* 
2002A model of the secular change of the geomagnetic field for AntarcticaTorta, J. M.* ; De Santis, A.* ; Chiappini, M.* ; von Frese, R. R. B.* 
Apr-1999A new geomagnetic observatory at Livingston Island (South Shetland Islands): Implications for future regional magnetic surveysTorta, J. M.* ; Gaya-Piqué, L. R.* ; Sole, J. G.* ; Bianco, I.* ; Garcia, A.* 
2006New model alternatives for improving the representation of the core magnetic field of AntarcticaGaya-Piqué, L. R.* ; Ravat, D.* ; De Santis, A.* ; Torta, J. M.* 
1999A Normal Reference Field for the Ionian Sea AreaChiappini, M.* ; De Santis, A.* ; Dominici, G.* ; Torta, J. M.* 
Mar-1997A search for the volcanomagnetic signal at Deception volcano (South Shetland I., Antarctica)Garcìa, A.* ; Blanco, I.* ; Torta, J. M.* ; Astiz, M. M.* ; Ibáñez, J. M.* ; Ortiz, R.* 
Oct-1996Simple additional constraints on regional models of the geomagnetic secular variation fieldDe Santis, A.* ; Falcone, C.* ; Torta, J. M.* 
1996A simple approach to the transformation of spherical harmonic models under coordinate system rotationDe Santis, A.* ; Torta, J. M.* ; Falcone, C.* 
Dec-2013Solar activity impact on the Earth’s upper atmosphereKutiev, I.* ; Tsagouri, I.* ; Perrone, L.* ; Pancheva, D.* ; Mukhtarov, P.* ; Mikhailov, A.* ; Lastovicka, J.* ; Jakowski, N.* ; Buresova, D.* ; Blanch, E.* ; Andonov, B.* ; Altadill, D.* ; Magdaleno, S.* ; Parisi, M.* ; Torta, J. M.* 
2006Spherical Cap Harmonic Analysis of the Geomagnetic Field with Application for Aeronautical MappingTorta, J. M.* ; Gaya-Piqué, L. R.* ; De Santis, A.* 
Aug-1997Spherical cap harmonic analysis: a comment on its proper use for local gravity field representationDe Santis, A.* ; Torta, J. M.* 
1999Spherical Cap Harmonics Revisited and their Relationship to Ordinary Spherical HarmonicsDe Santis, A.* ; Torta, J. M.* ; Lowes, F. J.*