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2010Determination of shallow S-wave attenuation by down-hole waveform deconvolution: a case study in Istanbul (Turkey)Parolai, S.* ; Bindi, D.* ; Ansal, A.* ; Kurtulus, A.* ; Strollo, A.* ; Zscahu, J.* 
2011Intensity prediction equations for Central AsiaBindi, D.* ; Parolai, S.* ; Oth, A.* ; Abdrakhmatov, K.* ; Muraliev, A.* ; Zschau, J.* 
2013Location and magnitudes of earthquakes in Central Asia from seismic intensity data: model calibration and validationBindi, D.* ; Gomez Capera, A. A.* ; Parolai, S.* ; Kanatbek, A.* ; Stucchi, M.* ; Zschau, J.* 
2012Microzonation of Potenza (Southern Italy) in terms of spectral intensity ratio using joint analysis of earthquakes and ambient noise.Strollo, A.* ; Parolai, S.* ; Bindi, D.* ; Chiauzzi, L.* ; Pagliuca, R.* ; Mucciarelli, M.* ; Zschau, J.* 
2011Operational Earthquake Forecasting: State of Knowledge and Guidelines for Implementation.Jordan, T.* ; Chen, Y.-T.* ; Gasparini, P.* ; Madariaga, R.* ; Main, I.* ; Marzocchi, W.* ; Papadopoulos, G.* ; Yamaoka, K.* ; Zschau, J.* 
Mar-2009Simultaneous magma and gas eruptions at three volcanoes in southern Italy: An earthquake trigger?Walter, T. R.* ; Wang, R.* ; Acocella, V.* ; Neri, M.* ; Zschau, J.* 
Dec-2010Site effect assessment in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) using earthquake and noise recording dataParolai, S.* ; Orunbaev, S.* ; Bindi, D.* ; Strollo, A.* ; Usupaev, S.* ; Picozzi, M.* ; Di Giacomo, D.* ; Augliera, P.* ; D'Alema, E.* ; Milkereit, C.* ; Moldobekov, B.* ; Zschau, J.* 
2011Towards an improved seismic risk scenario for Bishkek, Kyrgyz RepublicBindi, D.* ; Mayfield, M.* ; Parolai, S.* ; Tyagunov, S.* ; Begaliev, U. T.* ; Abdrakhmatov, K.* ; Moldobekov, B.* ; Zschau, J.*