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May-1996The active Nea Anchialos Fault System (Central Greece): comparison of geological, morphotectonic, archaeological and seismological dataCaputo, R. 
Apr-2015Assessment of liquefaction potential for two liquefaction prone areas considering the May 20, 2012 Emilia (Italy) earthquakePapathanassiou, G.* ; Mantovani, A.* ; Tarabusi, G.* ; Rapti, D.* ; Caputo, R.* 
2004Growth and subsidence of carbonate platforms: numerical modelling and application to the Dolomites, ItalyMarella, C.* ; Caputo, R.* ; Bosellini, A.* 
2015High-precision levelling, DInSAR and geomorphological effects in the Emilia 2012 epicentral areaCaputo, R.* ; Pellegrinelli, A.* ; Bignami, C.* ; Bondesan, A.* ; Mantovani, A.* ; Stramondo, S.* ; Russo, P.* 
2016Il complesso sistema di sorgenti sismogeniche nell{\textquoteright}area ferrarese e i loro effetti nella storia.Caputo, Riccardo* ; Tarabusi, Gabriele* 
Mar-1995Inference of a seismic gap from geological data: Thessaly ( Central Greece) as a case studyCaputo, R. 
Apr-2007Late Quaternary activity along the Scorciabuoi Fault (Southern Italy) as inferred from electrical resistivity tomographiesCaputo, R.* ; Salviulo, L.* ; Piscitelli, S.* ; Loperte, A.* 
2011Middle-late pleistocene evolution of the adriatic coastline of southern apulia (Italy) in response to relative sea-level changesMastronuzzi, G.* ; Caputo, R.* ; Di Bucci, D.* ; Fracassi, U.* ; Iurilli, V.* ; Milella, M.* ; Pignatelli, C.* ; Sanso, P.* ; Selleri, G.* 
Aug-1997Palaeomagnetic evidence for non-rotational deformation along the Nea Anchialos Fault System, Central GreeceKondopoulou, D.* ; Caputo, R.* 
Mar-2011Quantitative analysis of extensional joints in the southern Adriatic foreland (Italy), and the active tectonics of the Apulia regionDi Bucci, D.* ; Caputo, R.* ; Mastronuzzi, G.* ; Fracassi, U.* ; Selleri, G.* ; Sansò, P.* 
1-Sep-1999Reappraisal of a XVI century earthquake combining historical, geological and instrumental informationMucciarelli, M.* ; Valensise, G.* ; Gallipoli, M. R.* ; Caputo, R.* 
2019Seismic Noise-Based Strategies for Emphasizing Recent Tectonic Activity and Local Site Effects: The Ferrara Arc, Northern Italy, Case StudyMantovani, Ambra* ; Abu Zeid, Nasser* ; Bignardi, Samuel* ; Tarabusi, Gabriele* ; Santarato, Giovanni* ; Caputo, Riccardo* 
Apr-2017The use of HVSR measurements for investigating buried tectonic structures: the Mirandola anticline, Northern Italy, as a case studyTarabusi, G.* ; Caputo, R.*