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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-May-2016COSMO-SkyMed vs RADARSAT-2 for Monitoring Natural and Anthropogenic Components of the Land Movements in VeniceTosi, Luigi ; Da Lio, Cristina ; Strozzi, Tazio ; Teatini, Pietro 
12-Sep-2007COULD SALT WATER INTRUSION AND LAND SUBSIDENCE TRIGGER SOIL DESERTIFICATION IN THE CATCHMENT SOUTH OF THE VENICE LAGOON (ITALY)?Tosi, Luigi* ; Teatini, Pietro* ; Strozzi, Tazio* ; Rizzetto, Federica* ; Carbognin, Laura* ; Putti, Mario* 
12-Jun-2012DEM OF THE VENETO PLAIN BY ERS2-ENVISAT CROSS-INTERFEROMETRYGasparetto-Stori, Giuseppe ; Strozzi, Tazio ; Teatini, Pietro ; Tosi, Luigi ; Vianello, Andrea ; Wegmüller, Urs 
16-Oct-2000Ers and Envisat Differential Sar Interferometry for subsidence monitoringWegmüller, Urs ; Strozzi, Tazio ; Tosi, Luigi 
23-Apr-2007ERS AND ENVISAT SAR INTERFEROMETRY TO MEASURE LAND SUBSIDENCE IN THE VENICE LAGOON ON NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL POINT TARGETSTeatini, Pietro ; Strozzi, Tazio ; Tosi, Luigi ; Wegmüller, Urs ; Werner, Charles ; Carbognin, Laura ; Rosselli, Roberto ; Cecconi, Giovanni ; Giada, Marco 
17-Jun-2003Ground vertical movements in urban areas of the Veneto Region (Italy) detected by DInSARStrozzi, Tazio ; Carbognin, Laura ; Rosselli, Roberto ; Teatini, Pietro ; Tosi, Luigi ; Wegmüller, Urs 
Jun-2018Intercomparison and Validation of SAR-Based Ice Velocity Measurement Techniques within the Greenland Ice Sheet CCI ProjectMerryman Boncori, John Peter* ; Andersen, Morten Langer* ; Dall, Jørgen* ; Kusk, Anders* ; Kamstra, Martijn* ; Andersen, Signe Bech* ; Bechor, Noah* ; Bevan, Suzanne* ; Bignami, Christian* ; Gourmelen, Noel* ; Joughin, Ian* ; Jung, Hyung-Sup* ; Luckman, Adrian* ; Mouginot, Jeremie* ; Neelmeijer, Julia* ; Rignot, Eric* ; Scharrer, Kilian* ; Nagler, Thomas* ; Scheuchl, Bernd* ; Strozzi, Tazio* 
24-Nov-2006La subsidenza del Veneziano (Sintesi dei risultati)Carbognin, Laura ; Rizzetto, Federica ; Teatini, Pietro ; Tosi, Luigi ; Strozzi, Tazio 
7-Oct-2006La subsidenza della pianura costiera veneta. Indagini e Risultati recenti.Carbognin, Laura ; Rizzetto, Federica ; Teatini, Pietro ; Tosi, Luigi ; Strozzi, Tazio 
5-Jun-2008LA SUBSIDENZA E L’EUSTATISMO DEL VENEZIANOCarbognin, Laura ; Strozzi, Tazio ; Teatini, Pietro ; Tomasin, Alberto ; Tosi, Luigi 
12-Sep-2011Long-term geotechnical response of Venice coastal defences detected by Persistent Scatterer InterferometryBincoletto, Luca ; Simonini, Paolo ; Strozzi, Tazio ; Teatini, Pietro ; Tosi, Luigi 
2005A new monitoring strategy to control land movements. The Veneto Region test areaCarbognin, Laura ; Rizzetto, Federica ; Tosi, Luigi ; Strozzi, Tazio ; Teatini, Pietro ; Vitturi, Andrea 
5-Nov-2009Present ground surface dynamics in the North Adriatic coastlandTosi, Luigi ; Teatini, Pietro ; Strozzi, Tazio ; Carbognin, Laura ; Brancolini, Giuliano ; Rizzetto, Federica 
Nov-2011Present Relative Sea Level Rise in the Northern Adriatic Coastal AreaCarbognin, Laura* ; Teatini, Pietro* ; Tosi, Luigi* ; Strozzi, Tazio* ; Tomasin, Alberto* 
15-Nov-2015Regional and local land subsidence at the Venice coastland by TerraSAR-X PSITosi, Luigi ; Strozzi, Tazio ; Da Lio, Cristina ; Teatini, Pietro 
2005SAR Interferometric Point Target analysis and application to the monitoring of land subsidence in the Venice LagoonStrozzi, Tazio ; WegmüllerWe, Urs ; Werner, Charles ; Teatini, Pietro ; Tosi, Luigi 
2005SAR Interferometry for ground vertical displacement of small islands in the Venice Lagoon: the case of Murano IslandStrozzi, Tazio ; Tosi, Luigi ; Teatini, Pietro ; Wegmüller, Urs 
25-Nov-2008SENSING THE LAND SUBSIDENCE IN THE VENICE LAGOON BY INTERFEROMETRIC POINT TARGET ANALYSISTeatini, Pietro ; Tosi, Luigi ; Strozzi, Tazio ; Carbognin, Laura ; Cecconi, Giovanni ; Rosselli, Roberto ; Volpe, Valerio 
2011SubsidenzaCarbognin, Laura ; Teatini, Pietro ; Tosi, Luigi ; Strozzi, Tazio ; Vitturi, Andrea ; Mazzuccato, Andrea 
2002Thematic and Land Subsidence Maps of the Lagoon of Venice from ERS SAR InterferometryStrozzi, Tazio ; Tosi, Luigi ; Wegmüller, Urs ; Teatini, Pietro ; Carbognin, Laura ; Rosselli, Roberto