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Nov-1994Artificial and natural electromagnetic signals revealed during two years in the Amare cave (Central Italy)Bella, F.* ; Bella, R.* ; Biagi, P. F.* ; Caputo, M.* ; Della Monica, G.* ; Ermini, A.* ; Plastino, W.* ; Sgrigna, V.* 
2009Density Distribution Functions and Correlations of Earthquake ParametersMagnoni, F.* ; Caputo, M.* 
2003Diffusion with space memory modelled with distributed order space fractional differential equationsCaputo, M. 
Apr-2000The experimental set-valued index of refraction of dielectric and anelastic mediaBelfiore, L.* ; Caputo, M.* 
Sep-1995Focal mechanism of seismic events with a dipolar componentBatini, F.* ; Caputo, M.* ; Console, R.* 
Oct-1996Modern rheology and electric induction: multivalued index of refraction, splitting of eigenvalues and fatigueCaputo, M. 
Jul-2009Monitoring the mechanical stress of rocks through the electromagnetic emission produced by fracturingNardi, A.* ; Caputo, M.* 
Jan-1996Normal and anomalous behaviour of electric, magnetic and seismoacoustic signals recorded in the Amare caveBella, F.* ; Biagi, P. F.* ; Caputo, M.* ; Della Monica, G.* ; Ermini, A.* ; Plastino, W.* ; Sgrigna, V.* 
Mar-2006A perspective electric earthquake precursor observed in the ApenninesNardi, Adriano* ; Caputo, Michele* 
Jun-2007Possible electromagnetic earthquake precursors in two years of ELF-VLF monitoring in the atmosphereNardi, A.* ; Caputo, M.* ; Chiarabba, C.* 
Mar-1997Rigorous time domain responses of polarizable mediaCaputo, M. 
Aug-1998Rigorous time domain responses of polarizable media IICaputo, M.* ; Plastino, W.* 
Nov-1998The set valued unified model of dispersion and attenuation for wave propagation in dielectric (and anelastic) mediaCaputo, M. 
5-Jan-2022Strabone, Plinio e il mistero delle isole scomparseNardi, Adriano* ; Caputo, Michele* 
Jun-2016VLF signals emitted from rocks under different experimental conditions with particular reference to seismic precursors.Nardi, Adriano* ; Caputo, Michele*