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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Active tectonic features and structural dynamics of the summit area of Mt. Etna (Italy) revealed by soil CO2 and soil temperature surveyingGiammanco, S.* ; Gladys, M.* ; Neri, M.* ; Hernández, P.* ; Sortino, F.* ; Barrancos, J.* ; López, M.* ; Pecoraino, G.* ; Perez, N.* 
2019The buried caldera boundary of the Vesuvius 1631 eruption revealed by present-day soil CO2 concentrationPoret, Matthieu* ; Finizola, A.* ; Ricci, Tullio* ; Ricciardi, Giuseppe* ; Linde, N.* ; Mauri, G.* ; Barde Cabusson, S.* ; Guichet, Xavier* ; Baron, L.* ; Shakas, Alexis* ; Gouhier, M.* ; Levieux, G.* ; Morin, J.* ; Roulleau, E.* ; Sortino, Francesco* ; Vassallo, R.* ; Di Vito, Mauro Antonio* ; Orsi, Giovanni* 
28-Feb-2015Contribution of CO2 and H2S emitted to the atmosphere by plume and diffuse degassing from volcanoes: the Etna volcano case studyHernández, P. A.* ; Melián, G.* ; Giammanco, S.* ; Sortino, F.* ; Barrancos, J.* ; Pérez, N. M.* ; Padrón, E.* ; López, M.* ; Donovan, A.* ; Mori, T.* ; Notsu, K.* 
31-May-2010Diffuse and Visible Emission of CO2 from Etna Volcano, ItalyMelian, Gladys* ; Hernandez, Pedro* ; Sortino, Francesco* ; Giammanco, Salvatore* ; Barrancos, José* ; Lopez, Manuela* ; Perez, Nemesio M.* 
Jun-2015Environmental pre-exploitation monitoring of Torre Alfina geothermal system (Central Italy)Carapezza, M. L.* ; Gattuso, A.* ; Pagliuca, N. M.* ; Ranaldi, M.* ; Sortino, F.* ; Tarchini, L.* ; Zanolin, F.* ; Badiali, L.* ; Console, R.* ; Frepoli, A.* ; Lisi, A.* ; Marchetti, A.* ; Mele, G.* 
15-Jun-2013The episodic and abrupt geochemical changes at La Fossa fumaroles (Vulcano Island, Italy) and related constraints on the dynamics, structure, and compositions of the magmatic systemPaonita, A.* ; Federico, C.* ; Bonfanti, P.* ; Capasso, G.* ; Inguaggiato, S.* ; Italiano, F.* ; Madonia, P.* ; Pecoraino, G.* ; Sortino, F.* 
2004Fluid circulation and structural discontinuities inside Misti volcano (Peru) inferred from self-potential measurementsFinizola, A.* ; Lénat, J. F.* ; Macedo, O.* ; Ramos, D.* ; Thouret, J.-C.* ; Sortino, F.* 
2002Fluid circulation at Stromboli volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy) from self-potential and CO2 surveysFinizola, A.* ; Sortino, F.* ; Lénat, J. F.* ; Valenza, M.* 
20-Feb-2019Fluid Geochemistry Contribution to the Interpretation of the 2011–2012 Unrest of Santorini, Greece, in the Frame of the Dynamics of the Aegean Volcanic ArcTarchini, Luca* ; Carapezza, Maria Luisa* ; Ranaldi, Massimo* ; Sortino, Francesco* ; Gattuso, Alessandro* ; Acocella, Valerio* 
2002Genesis of fumarolic emissions as inferred by isotope mass balances: CO2 and water at Vulcano Island, ItalyPaonita, A.* ; Favara, R.* ; Nuccio, P. M.* ; Sortino, F.* 
31-Jul-2015Geochemistry of the mantle source and magma feeding system beneath Turrialba volcano, Costa RicaDi Piazza, A.* ; Rizzo, A. L* ; Barberi, F.* ; Carapezza, M. L.* ; De Astis, G.* ; Romano, C.* ; Sortino, F.* 
2004Geophysical investigations at Stromboli volcano, Italy: implications for ground water flow and paroxysmal activityRevil, A.* ; Finizola, A.* ; Sortino, F.* ; Ripepe, M.* 
31-May-2010Hidden Tectonic Framework Of The Summit Of Mt.Etna (Sicily, Italy) Revealed From Soil CO2 Efflux And Soil Temperature Surveying.Melian, Gladys* ; Hernandez, Pedro* ; Sortino, Francesco* ; Giammanco, Salvatore* ; Barrancos, José* ; Lopez, Manuela* ; Neri, Marco* ; Maldonado, Jezabel* ; Hernandez, Ruyman* ; Perez, Nemesio M.* 
5-Sep-2020How to reveal unknown hidden faults and historical earthquake damage applying multidisciplinary methods in archaeological sites: The case of mid- third century CE Mt. Etna earthquake (Eastern Sicily, Italy)Bottari, Carla* ; Giammanco, Salvatore* ; Cavallaro, Danilo* ; Sortino, Francesco* ; Scudero, Salvatore* ; Amari, S* ; Bonfanti, Pietro* ; Daolio, M* ; Groppelli, Gianluca* 
2006Hydrogeological insights at Stromboli volcano (Italy) from geoelectrical, temperature and CO2 soil degassing investigationsFinizola, A.* ; Revil, A.* ; Rizzo, E.* ; Piscitelli, S.* ; Ricci, T.* ; Morin, J.* ; Angeletti, B.* ; Mocochain, L.* ; Sortino, F.* 
17-Apr-2009Importance of structural history in the summit area of Stromboli during the 2002–2003 eruptive crisis inferred from temperature, soil CO2, self-potential, and electrical resistivity tomographyFinizola, A.* ; Aubert, M.* ; Revil, A.* ; Schütze, C.* ; Sortino, F.* 
8-May-2020Integrated monitoring of soil gases, plume SO2 and volcanic tremor to detect impulsive magma transfer at Mt. Etna volcano (Italy)Falsaperla, Susanna* ; Caltabiano, Tommaso* ; Donatucci, Alessia* ; Giammanco, Salvatore* ; Langer, Horst* ; Messina, Alfio Alex* ; Salerno, Giuseppe Giovanni* ; Sortino, Francesco* ; Spampinato, Salvatore* ; Ferlito, Carmelo* 
Jan-2009Mercury emissions and stable isotopic compositions at Vulcano Island (Italy)Zambardi, T.* ; Sonke, J. E.* ; Toutain, J. P.* ; Sortino, F.* ; Shinohara, H.* 
2003A new collector for sampling volcanic aerosolsToutain, J. P.* ; Sortino, F.* ; Reynier, B.* ; Dupre, B.* ; Munoz, M.* ; Nonell, A.* ; Polve, M.* ; Chancha Do Vale, S.* 
26-Feb-2015New mafic magma refilling a quiescent volcano: Evidence from He-Ne-Ar isotopes during the 2011–2012 unrest at Santorini, GreeceRizzo, A. L.* ; Barberi, F.* ; Carapezza, M. L.* ; Di Piazza, A.* ; Francalanci, L.* ; Sortino, F.* ; D'Alessandro, W.*