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2014Characterization of seismicity at Mt. Etna volcano (Italy) by inter-event time distributionSicali, S.* ; Barbano, M. S.* ; D'Amico, S.* ; Azzaro, R.* 
9-Sep-2014Geophysical multidisciplinary investigation of the structure of an unstable flank: the NE sector of Mt. Etna.Bonforte, Alessandro* ; Cocina, Ornella* ; Siniscalchi, Agata* ; Barberi, Graziella* ; Guglielmino, Francesco* ; Romano, Gerardo* ; Sicali, Simona* ; Tripaldi, Simona* 
7-Jul-2014Geophysical multidisciplinary investigation of the structure of the unstable sector of Mt. Etna volcanoBonforte, Alessandro* ; Cocina, Ornella* ; Siniscalchi, Agata*; Barberi, Graziella* ; Guglielmino, Francesco* ; Romano, Gerardo*; Sicali, Simona* ; Tripaldi, Simona*
12-Apr-2015Multidisciplinary geophysical study of the NE sector of the unstable flank of Etna volcanoBonforte, A.* ; Cocina, O.* ; Siniscalchi, A.*; Barberi, G.* ; Guglielmino, F.* ; Romano, G.*; Sicali, S.* ; Tripaldi, S.*
2016Seismic and volcanic activity during 2014 in the region involved by TOMO-ETNA seismic active experimentBarberi, G.* ; Giampiccolo, E.* ; Musumeci, C.* ; Scarfì, L.* ; Bruno, V.* ; Cocina, O.* ; Diaz-Moreno, A.* ; Sicali, S.* ; Tusa, G.* ; Tuvè, T.* ; Zuccarello, L.* ; Ibanez, J. M.* ; Patanè, D.* 
2015Volcanic unrest leading to the July-August 2001 lateral eruption at Mt. Etna: seismological constraintsSicali, S.* ; Barberi, G.* ; Cocina, O.* ; Musumeci, C.* ; Patanè, D.*