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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The 2004-05 Etna eruption: implications for flank deformation and structural behaviour of the volcanoNeri, M.* ; Acocella, V.* 
15-Apr-2007The 2006 eruption of Mt. Etna (Italy): new multidisciplinary approach implemented by the UFSO staff of INGV Catania SectionMangiagli, S.* ; Neri, M.* ; Pecora, E.* ; Reitano, D.* ; Amantia, A.* ; Biale, E.* ; D'Agostino, M.* ; La Via, M.* ; Torrisi, O.* 
22-Apr-2012Aborted eruptions at Mt. Etna (Italy) in spring 2007 unveiled by an integrated study of gas emission and volcanic tremorFalsaperla, S.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Giammanco, S.* ; Neri, M.* ; Langer, H.* ; Pecora, E.* ; Salerno, G.* 
Apr-2012Active faults on the eastern flank of Etna volcano (Italy) monitored through soil radon measurementsNeri, Marco* ; Giammanco, Salvatore* ; Ferrera, Elisabetta* ; Patanè, Giuseppe* ; Zanon, Vittorio* 
2016Active tectonic features and structural dynamics of the summit area of Mt. Etna (Italy) revealed by soil CO2 and soil temperature surveyingGiammanco, S.* ; Gladys, M.* ; Neri, M.* ; Hernández, P.* ; Sortino, F.* ; Barrancos, J.* ; López, M.* ; Pecoraino, G.* ; Perez, N.* 
17-Jul-2015Active upper crust deformation pattern along the southern edge of the Tyrrhenian subduction zone (NE Sicily): Insights from a multidisciplinary approachPalano, M.* ; Schiavone, D.* ; Loddo, M.* ; Neri, M.* ; Presti, C.* ; Quarto, R.* ; Todaro, C.* ; Neri, G.* 
8-Oct-2010Anatomy of an unstable volcano from InSAR: Multiple processes affecting flank instability at Mt. Etna, 1994–2008Solaro, G.*; Acocella, V.*; Pepe, S.*; Ruch, J.*; Neri, M.* ; Sansosti, E.*
8-Apr-2009Can Directional Resonances Be Used to Map Intensely Deformed Fault Zones of Mt. Etna Volcano ?Cara, F.* ; Di Giulio, G.* ; Giammanco, S.* ; Lombardo, G.* ; Milana, G.* ; Neri, M.* ; Rigano, R.* ; Rovelli, A.* ; Voltattorni, N.* 
2008Can flank instability at Stromboli volcano provide insights into precursory patterns of eruptions?Falsaperla, S.* ; Neri, M.* ; Pecora, E.* ; Spampinato, S.* 
9-May-2008The changing face of Mount Etna’s summit area documented with Lidar technologyNeri, M.* ; Mazzarini, F.* ; Tarquini, S.* ; Bisson, M.* ; Isola, I.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* 
17-Aug-2008Combined monitoring of CO2 efflux, 222-Rn and 220-Rn in soil gas on Mt. Etna: a new geochemical tool for volcano surveillance.Giammanco, S.* ; Neri, M.* ; Consoli, S.* ; Lopez, M.* ; Calvagna, F.* 
Jan-2009Comparison between different methodologies for detecting Radon in soil along an active fault: the case of the Pernicana fault system, Mt. Etna (Italy)Giammanco, S.* ; Immè, G.* ; Mangano, G.* ; Morelli, D.* ; Neri, M.* 
May-2017Construction and degradation of a broad volcanic massif: The Vicuña pampa volcanic complex, southern central Andes, NW ArgentinaGuzmán, S.* ; Strecker, M. R.* ; Martí, J.* ; Petrinovic, I. A.* ; Schildgen, T. F.* ; Grosse, P.* ; Montero-López, C.* ; Neri, Marco* ; Carniel, R.* ; Hongn, F. D.* ; Muruaga, C.* ; Sudo, M.* 
31-May-2010Continuous Monitoring Of Soil Radon Activity And Soil Temperature Near The Summit Of Mt. Etna (Sicily, Italy) During 2007-2009: Correlations With Stress Field And Volcanic ActivityNeri, Marco* ; Giammanco, Salvatore* 
2006Continuous soil radon monitoring during the July 2006 Etna eruptionNeri, M.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Burton, M.* ; Galli, G.* ; Giammanco, S.* ; Pecora, E.* ; Privitera, E.* ; Reitano, D.* 
15-Jun-2005Contrasting triggering mechanisms of the 2001 and 2002–2003 eruptions of Mount Etna (Italy)Neri, M.* ; Acocella, V.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Maiolino, V.* ; Ursino, A.* ; Velardita, R.* 
4-Dec-2018The Contribution of Multi-Sensor Infrared Satellite Observations to Monitor Mt. Etna (Italy) Activity during May to August 2016Marchese, Francesco* ; Neri, Marco* ; Falconieri, Alfredo* ; Lacava, Teodosio* ; Mazzeo, Giuseppe* ; Pergola, Nicola* ; Tramutoli, Valerio* 
2-Dec-2014Contributions from an integrated analysis of geochemical and geophysical parameters to the study of failed eruptions at Mt. EtnaFalsaperla, S.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Langer, H.* ; Neri, M.* ; Salerno, G.,G.* ; Giammanco, S.* ; Pecora, E.* ; Biale, E.* 
8-Jun-2022Correction: Marchese et al. Mt. Etna Paroxysms of February–April 2021 Monitored and Quantified through a Multi-Platform Satellite Observing System. Remote Sens. 2021, 13, 3074Marchese, Francesco* ; Filizzola, Carolina* ; Lacava, Teodosio* ; Falconieri, Alfredo* ; Faruolo, Mariapia* ; Genzano, Nicola* ; Mazzeo, Giuseppe* ; Pietrapertosa, Carla* ; Pergola, Nicola* ; Tramutoli, Valerio* ; Neri, Marco* 
Apr-2009Coupling high-frequency measurement of 222Rn, 220Rn in soil gases withGiammanco, S.* ; Lopez, M.* ; Neri, M.* ; Murè, F.*