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2017Clinopyroxene-melt element partitioning during interaction between trachybasaltic magma and siliceous crust: Clues from quartzite enclaves at Mt. Etna volcanoMollo, S.* ; Blundy, J. D.* ; Giacomoni, P.* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Coltorti, M.* ; Langone, A.* ; Andronico, Daniele* 
2019Combined magnetic, chemical and morphoscopic analyses on lichens from a complex anthropic context in Rome, ItalyWinkler, Aldo* ; Caricchi, Chiara* ; Guidotti, Maurizio* ; Owczarek, Malgorzata* ; Macrì, Patrizia* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Amoroso, Antonio* ; Di Giosa, Alessandro* ; Listrani, Stefano* 
2018Crystallization and partial melting of rhyolite and felsite rocks at Krafla volcano: A comparative approach based on mineral and glass chemistry of natural and experimental productsMasotta, M.* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Tecchiato, Vanni* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Papale, Paolo* ; Bachmann, O.* 
2019Crystallization kinetics of clinopyroxene and titanomagnetite growing from a trachybasaltic melt: New insights from isothermal time-series experimentsPontesilli, Alessio* ; Masotta, Matteo* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Armienti, Pietro* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Brenna, Marco* 
2019Deep Magma Storage Revealed by Multi-Method Elemental Mapping of Clinopyroxene Megacrysts at Stromboli VolcanoUbide, Teresa* ; Caulfield, John* ; Brandt, Claire* ; Bussweiler, Yannick* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Di Stefano, Flavio* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* 
2019The effect of CaO on the partitioning behavior of REE, Y and Sc between olivine and melt: Implications for basalt-carbonate interaction processesDi Stefano, Flavio* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Blundy, Jonathan* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Bachmann, Olivier* 
28-Jun-2018Frictional Instabilities and Carbonation of Basalts Triggered by Injection of Pressurized H2O- and CO2- Rich FluidsGiacomel, Piercarlo* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Marzoli, Andrea* ; Passelègue, François* ; Youbi, Nasrrddine* ; Di Toro, Giulio* 
2020Grain size and grain size distribution of a lithified fault core in carbonates rocks using multi-scale image analysis: The example of the San Benedetto-Gioia dei Marsi fault (Central Italy)Merico, A* ; Iezzi, Gianluca* ; Pace, Bruno* ; Ferranti, L.* ; Cremona, M* ; Scafa, M* ; Cavallo, A.* ; Colella, A* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* 
2018Late Glacial-Holocene tephra from southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego (Argentina, Chile): A complete textural and geochemical fingerprinting for distal correlations in the Southern HemisphereDel Carlo, Paola* ; Di Roberto, Alessio* ; D'Orazio, Massimo* ; Petrelli, Maurizio* ; Angioletti, Andrea* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Maggi, Valter* ; Daga, Romina* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Rocchi, Sergio* 
15-Oct-2017Mineralogy and textures of riebeckitic asbestos (crocidolite): The role of single versus agglomerated fibres in toxicological experimentsYao, Seydou* ; Iezzi, Gianluca* ; Della Ventura, Giancarlo* ; Bellatreccia, Fabio* ; Petibois, Cyril* ; Marcelli, Augusto* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Lazzarin, Francesco* ; Di Gioacchino, Mario* ; Petrarca, Claudia* 
2019Modeling the Crystallization and Emplacement Conditions of a Basaltic Trachyandesitic Sill at Mt. Etna VolcanoNazzari, Manuela* ; Di Stefano, Flavio* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Tecchiato, Vanni* ; Ellis, Ben* ; Bachmann, Olivier* ; Ferlito, Carmelo* 
2020Mush cannibalism and disruption recorded by clinopyroxene phenocrysts at Stromboli volcano: New insights from recent 2003–2017 activityDi Stefano, Flavio* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Ubide, Teresa* ; Petrone, Chiara Maria* ; Caulfield, John* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Andronico, Daniele* ; Del Bello, Elisabetta* 
2018Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) in Granitoid Rocks, A Case Study from Sardinia (Italy)Lucci, Federico* ; Della Ventura, Giancarlo* ; Conte, Alessandra* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* 
Dec-2020Obsidians of Pantelleria (Strait of Sicily): A Petrographic, Geochemical and Magnetic Study of Known and New Geological SourcesRotolo, Silvio* ; Carapezza, Maria Luisa* ; Correale, Alessandra* ; Foresta Martin, Franco* ; Hahn, Gregor* ; Hodgetts, Alastair* ; La Monica, Mariangela* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Romano, Pierangelo* ; Sagnotti, Leonardo* ; Siravo, Gaia* ; Speranza, Fabio* 
2018Olivine compositional changes in primitive magmatic skarn environments: A reassessment of divalent cation partitioning models to quantify the effect of carbonate assimilationDi Stefano, Flavio* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Bachmann, Olivier* ; Caruso, Marco* 
2020The Onset and Solidification Path of a Basaltic Melt by in situ Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and ex situ InvestigationsGiuliani, Letizia* ; Iezzi, Gianluca* ; Hippeli, Tyler* ; Davis, Mark* ; Elbrecht, Aubrey* ; Vetere, Francesco* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Mollo, Silvio* 
2020Petrological and geochemical modeling of magmas erupted at Vulcano Island in the period 54–8 ka: Quantitative constraints on the sub-volcanic architecture of the plumbing systemPalummo, Flavia* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; De Astis, Gianfilippo* ; Di Stefano, Flavio* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* 
Jun-2020Petrological and noble gas features of Lascar and Lastarria volcanoes (Chile): Inferences on plumbing systems and mantle characteristicsRobidoux, Philippe* ; Rizzo, Andrea Luca* ; Aguilera, Felipe* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; Artale, Maria* ; Liuzzo, Marco* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Zummo, Francesco Paolo* 
2020Polybaric/polythermal magma transport and trace element partitioning recorded in single crystals: A case study of a zoned clinopyroxene from Mt. EtnaMollo, Silvio* ; Ubide, Teresa* ; Di Stefano, Flavio* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* 
2020The role of undercooling during clinopyroxene growth in trachybasaltic magmas: Insights on magma decompression and cooling at Mt. Etna volcanoMasotta, Matteo* ; Pontesilli, Alessio* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Armienti, Pietro* ; Ubide, Teresa* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio*