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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1997Analysis of short time-space range seismicity patterns in ItalyDi Luccio, F.* ; Console, R.* ; Imotof, M.* ; Murru, M.* 
2003Båth's law and the self-similarity of earthquakesConsole, Rodolfo* ; Lombardi, Anna Maria* ; Murru, Maura* ; Rhoades, David* 
Jan-2018Comments on ‘Why is Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) still used?’ by F. Mulargia, P.B. Stark and R.J. GellerConsole, Rodolfo* ; Parsons, Tom* ; Falcone, Giuseppe* ; Murru, Maura* ; Yamashina, Ken'ichiro* 
2006Comparative performance of time-invariant, long-range and short-range forecasting models on the earthquake catalogue of GreeceConsole, R.* ; Rhoades, D. A.* ; Murru, M.* ; Evison, F. F.* ; Papadimitriou, E. E.* ; Karakosta, V. G.* 
Sep-2012Comparison of characteristic and Gutenberg–Richter models for time-dependentM ≥ 7.9 earthquake probability in the Nankai-Tokai subduction zone, JapanParsons, T.* ; Console, R.* ; Falcone, G.* ; Murru, M.* ; Yamashina, K.* 
2009Correlation of Static Stress Changes and Earthquake Occurrence inRhoades, D. A.* ; Papadimitriou, E. E.* ; Karakostas, V. G.* ; Console, R.* ; Murru, M.* 
Oct-2010Crustal heterogeneity highlighted by spatial b-value map in theWellington region of New ZealandMontuori, C.* ; Falcone, G.* ; Murru, M.* ; Thurber, C.* ; Reyners, M.* ; Eberhart-Phillips, D.* 
2012Daily earthquake forecasts during the May-June 2012 Emilia earthquake sequence (northern Italy)Marzocchi, W.* ; Murru, M.* ; Lombardi, A. M.* ; Falcone, G.* ; Console, R.* 
2009Earthquake occurrence models in the short and long term for the Italian seismicityFalcone, G.* ; Console, R.* ; Murru, M.* 
Jul-2017Earthquake Occurrence: Short- and Long-term Models and their ValidationConsole, Rodolfo* ; Murru, Maura* ; Falcone, Giuseppe* 
Jan-2019An extensive study of clustering features of seismicity in Italy from 2005 to 2016Zhuang, Jiancang* ; Murru, Maura* ; Falcone, Giuseppe* ; Guo, Yicun* 
23-Aug-1993Foreshock statistics and their possible relationship to earthquake prediction in the italian regionConsole, Rodolfo* ; Murru, Maura* ; Alessandrini, Bruno* 
2014Implications of earthquake recurrence models to the seismic hazard estimates in the marmara region, TurkeyAkinci, Aybige* ; Murru, Maura* ; Console, Rodolfo* ; Falcone, Giuseppe* ; Pucci, Stefano* 
15-Aug-1999The locations of magma chambers at Mt. Etna, Italy, mapped by b-valuesMurru, Maura* ; Montuori, Caterina* ; Wyss, Max* ; Privitera, Eugenio* 
2006Long-term seismogenesis in Greece: Comparison of the evolving stress field and precursory scale increase approachesPapadimitriou, E. E.* ; Evison, F. F.* ; Rhoades, D. A.* ; Karakostas, V. G.* ; Console, R.* ; Murru, M.* 
1992Macroseismic study of the Potenza (Southern Italy), earthquake of May 5,1990Tertulliani, Andrea* ; Anzidei, Marco* ; Maramai, Alessandra* ; Murru, Maura* ; Riguzzi, Federica* 
12-Mar-2005Mapping of the b value anomalies beneath Mt. Etna, Italy, during July–August 2001 lateral eruptionMurru, Maura* ; Montuori, Caterina* ; Console, Rodolfo* ; Lisi, Arianna* 
Apr-2016M ≥ 7 earthquake rupture forecast and time-dependent probability for the sea of Marmara region, TurkeyMurru, Maura* ; Akinci, Aybige* ; Falcone, Giuseppe* ; Pucci, Stefano* ; Console, Rodolfo* ; Parsons, T.* 
1993The November 23, 1980 Irpinia earthquake: an analysis with the new procedure of intensity evaluationGasparini, C.* ; De Rubeis, V.* ; Maramai, A.* ; Murru, M.* 
Jan-2010Perturbation of earthquake probability for interacting faults by static Coulomb stress changesConsole, R.* ; Murru, M.* ; Falcone, G.*