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2012The 2010–2011 Canterbury, New Zealand, seismic sequence: Multiple source analysis from InSAR data and modelingAtzori, Simone* ; Tolomei, Cristiano* ; Antonioli, Andrea* ; Merryman Boncori, John Peter* ; Bannister, S.* ; Trasatti, Elisa* ; Pasquali, P.* ; Salvi, Stefano* 
2014The 2013 Lunigiana (Central Italy) earthquake: Seismic source analysis from DInSAR and seismological data, and geodynamical implications for the northern ApenninesPezzo, G.* ; Merryman Boncori, J. P.* ; Atzori, S.* ; Piccinini, D.* ; Antonioli, A.* ; Salvi, S.* 
2012Activation of the SIGRIS monitoring system for ground deformation mapping during the Emilia 2012 seismic sequence, using COSMO-SkyMed InSAR dataSalvi, S.* ; Tolomei, C.* ; Merryman Boncori, J. P.* ; Pezzo, G.* ; Atzori, S.* ; Antonioli, A.* ; Trasatti, E.* ; Giuliani, R.* ; Zoffoli, S.* ; Coletta, A.* 
2013Coseismic deformation and source modeling of the May 2012 Emilia (Northern Italy) earthquakesPezzo, G.* ; Merryman Boncori, J. P.* ; Tolomei, C.* ; Salvi, S.* ; Atzori, S.* ; Antonioli, A.* ; Trasatti, E.* ; Novali, F.* ; Serpelloni, E.* ; Candela, L.* ; Giuliani, R.* 
2014Deformation of the western Indian plate boundary: insights from differential and multi-aperture InSAR data inversion of the 2008, Baluchistan (Western Pakistan) seismic sequencePezzo, G.* ; Merryman Boncori, J. P.* ; Atzori, S.* ; Antonioli, A.* ; Salvi, S.* 
2015The February 2014 Cephalonia Earthquake (Greece): 3D Deformation Field and Source Modeling from Multiple SAR TechniquesMerryman Boncori, J. P.* ; Papoutsis, I.* ; Pezzo, G.* ; Tolomei, C.* ; Atzori, S.* ; Ganas, A.* ; Karastathis, V.* ; Salvi, S.* ; Kontoes, C.* ; Antonioli, A.* 
Jun-2018Intercomparison and Validation of SAR-Based Ice Velocity Measurement Techniques within the Greenland Ice Sheet CCI ProjectMerryman Boncori, John Peter* ; Andersen, Morten Langer* ; Dall, Jørgen* ; Kusk, Anders* ; Kamstra, Martijn* ; Andersen, Signe Bech* ; Bechor, Noah* ; Bevan, Suzanne* ; Bignami, Christian* ; Gourmelen, Noel* ; Joughin, Ian* ; Jung, Hyung-Sup* ; Luckman, Adrian* ; Mouginot, Jeremie* ; Neelmeijer, Julia* ; Rignot, Eric* ; Scharrer, Kilian* ; Nagler, Thomas* ; Scheuchl, Bernd* ; Strozzi, Tazio* 
2015Interseismic ground velocities in Central Apennines from GPS and InSAR measurements: new contributions for seismic hazard models by preliminary results of ESA CHARMING projectPezzo, G.* ; Merryman Boncori, J. P.* ; Visini, F.* ; Carafa, M. M. C.* ; Devoti, R.* ; Atzori, S.* ; Kastelic, V.* ; Berardino, P.* ; Fornaro, G.* ; Riguzzi, F.* ; Pietrantonio, G.* ; D'Amico, V.* ; Meletti, C.* ; Salvi, S.* 
2015Measuring the north-south coseismic displacement component with high-resolution multi aperture InSARMerryman Boncori, J. P.* ; Pezzo, G.* 
2015Mid-term review results of the ESA STSE Pathfinder CHARMING project (Constraining Seismic Hazard Models with InSAR and GPS)Merryman Boncori, J. P.* ; Devoti, R.* ; Visini, F.* ; Carafa, M. M. C.* ; Pezzo, G.* ; Fornaro, G.* ; Berardino, P.* ; Atzori, S.* ; D'Amico, V.* ; Kastelic, M.* ; Meletti, C.* ; Pietrantonio, G.* ; Riguzzi, F.* ; Salvi, S.* ; Fernandez Prieto, D.* 
2018The Total Electron Content From InSAR and GNSS: A Midlatitude StudyMusicò, Elvira* ; Cesaroni, Claudio* ; Spogli, Luca* ; Merryman Boncori, John Peter* ; De Franceschi, Giorgiana* ; Seu, Roberto*