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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jun-2014Active alkaline traps to determine acidic-gas ratios in volcanic plumes: Sampling techniques and analytical methodsWitmer, J.* ; Bobrowski, N.* ; Liotta, M.* ; Giuffrida, G.* ; Calabrese, S.* ; Platt, U.* 
3-Aug-2020Analytical Method for Lithium Isotopes Determination by Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry: A Useful Tool for Hydrogeochemical ApplicationsArienzo, Ilenia* ; Liotta, Marcello* ; Brusca, Lorenzo* ; D'Antonio, Massimo* ; Lupone, Federica* ; Cucciniello, Ciro* 
12-Dec-2012Another kind of “volcanic risk”: the acidification of sea-water. Vulcano Island (Italy) a natural laboratory for ocean acidification studiesBoatta, F.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* ; Gagliano, L.* ; Calabrese, S.* ; Liotta, M.* ; Milazzo, M.* ; Parello, F.* 
22-Feb-2023Atmospheric Deposition around the Industrial Areas of Milazzo and Priolo Gargallo (Sicily-Italy)-Part A: Major IonsBrugnone, Filippo* ; D'Alessandro, Walter* ; Parello, Francesco* ; Liotta, Marcello* ; Bellomo, Sergio* ; Prano, Vincenzo* ; Li Vigni, Lorenza* ; Sprovieri, Mario* ; Calabrese, Sergio* 
2021Bromine speciation in volcanic plumes: new in situ derivatization LC-MS method for the determination of gaseous hydrogen bromide by gas diffusion denuder samplingGutmann, Alexandra* ; Bobrowski, Nicole* ; Liotta, Marcello* ; Hoffmann, Thorsten* 
5-Apr-2022Characterizing groundwater recharge sources using water stable isotopes in the North Basin of Lake Kivu, East AfricaBelagizi, Charles* ; Kasereka, Marcellin M.* ; Kyambikwa, Albert M* ; Cuoco, Emilio* ; Arienzo, Ilenia* ; Liotta, Marcello* 
2013Chemical and isotopic characterisation of bulk deposition in the Louros basin (Epirus, Greece)D'Alessandro, W.* ; Katsanou, K.* ; Lambrakis, N.* ; Bellomo, S.* ; Brusca, L.* ; Liotta, M.* 
Jul-2010Chemical composition of precipitation at Mt. Vesuvius and Vulcano Island, Italy: volcanological and environmental implicationsMadonia, P.* ; Liotta, M.* 
4-Jun-2013Chlorine isotope composition of volcanic gases and rocks at Mount Etna (Italy) and inferences on the local mantle sourceRizzo, A. L.* ; Caracausi, A.* ; Liotta, M.* ; Paonita, A.* ; Barnes, J. D.* ; Corsaro, R. A.* ; Martelli, M.* 
2017Chlorine isotope composition of volcanic rocks and gases at Stromboli volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy): Inferences on magmatic degassing prior to 2014 eruptionLiotta, M.* ; Rizzo, A. L.* ; Barnes, J. D.* ; D'Auria, L.* ; Martelli, M.* ; Bobrowski, N.* ; Wittmer, J.* 
10-Jul-2020CO2 Degassing in Sicily (Central Mediterranean) as Inferred from Groundwater CompositionCangemi, Marianna* ; Di Figlia, Maria Grazia* ; Favara, Rocco* ; Liotta, Marcello* 
Nov-2014Comment on “Evolution of CO2, SO2, HCl and HNO3 in the volcanic plumes from Etna” by Voigt et al. [Geophys. Res. Lett.; 41, doi:10.1002/2013GL058974]Liotta, M.* ; Rizzo, L.* 
2016Correlation of the seasonal isotopic amplitude of precipitation with annual evaporation and altitude in alpine regionsJódar, J.* ; Custodio, E.* ; Liotta, M.* ; Lambán, L. J.* ; Herrera, C.* ; Martos-Rosillo, S.* ; Sapriza, G.* ; Rigo, T.* 
2023Decadal Monitoring of the Hydrothermal System of Stromboli Volcano, ItalyFederico, Cinzia* ; Inguaggiato, Salvatore* ; Liotta, Marcello* ; Rizzo, Andrea Luca* ; Vita, Fabio* 
2015Determinazione di anioni inorganici e fosfati in acque naturali mediante cromatografia ionica: applicazioni della colonna Dionex IonPac AS19-4 µmPrano, Vincenzo* ; Liotta, Marcello* ; Francofonte, Salvatore* 
2017Development and application of a sampling method for the determination of reactive halogen species in volcanic gas emissionsRüdiger, Julian* ; Bobrowski, Nicole* ; Liotta, Marcello* ; Hoffmann, Thorsten* 
2012Dissolved gases in brackish thermal waters: an improved analytical methodLiotta, M.* ; Martelli, M.* 
16-May-2024Element mobility during basalt-water-CO2 interaction: observations in natural systems vs. laboratory experiments and implication for carbon storageRomano, Pierangelo* ; Brusca, Lorenzo* ; Liotta, Marcello* 
31-Mar-2008ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF MT. ETNA’S VOLCANIC EMISSIONS: TRACE METAL BULK-DEPOSITIONCalabrese, S.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* ; Parello, F.* ; Brusca, L.* ; Bellomo, S.* ; Liotta, M.* 
2-Dec-2008Fluids Geochemistry of StromboliGrassa, F.* ; Inguaggiato, S.* ; Liotta, M.*