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20074 Real-time Estimation of Earthquake Magnitude for Seismic Early WarningZollo, A.* ; Lancieri, M.* 
3-Dec-2008A bayesian approach to the real time estimation of magnitude from the early P- and S-wave displacement peaksLancieri, M.* ; Zollo, A.* 
2009The Earthquake Early Warning System in Southern ItalyZollo, A.* ; Iannaccone, G.* ; Convertito, V.* ; Elia, L.* ; Iervolino, I.* ; Lancieri, M.* ; Lomax, A.* ; Martino, C.* ; Satriano, C.* ; Weber, E.* ; Gasparini, P.* 
27-Feb-2009Earthquake early warning system in southern Italy: Methodologies and performance evaluationZollo, A.* ; Iannaccone, G.* ; Lancieri, M.* ; Cantore, L.* ; Convertito, V.* ; Emolo, A.* ; Festa, G.* ; Gallovič, F.* ; Martino, C.* ; Satriano, C.* ; Gasparini, P.* 
27-Nov-2008Earthquake magnitude estimation from early radiated energyFesta, G* ; Zollo, A.* ; Lancieri, M.* 
2006Earthquake magnitude estimation from peak amplitudes of very early seismic signals on strong motion recordsZollo, A.* ; Lancieri, M.* ; Nielsen, S.* 
Apr-2006Estimates of ground motions in the Phlegraean Fields produced by potential seismogenic sources of major interest for the city of Naples, ItalyDi Giulio, G.* ; Calderoni, G.* ; Cara, F.* ; Fracassi, U.* ; Improta, L.* ; Lancieri, M.* ; Milana, G.* ; Rovelli, A.* ; Valensise, G.* ; Zollo, A.* 
2010Overview of the earthquake earlywarning system development in Southern ItalyIannaccone, G.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Bobbio, A.* ; Cantore, L.* ; Convertito, V.* ; Corciulo, M.* ; Di Crosta, M.* ; Elia, L.* ; Emolo, A.* ; Festa, G.* ; Iervolino, I.* ; Lancieri, M.* ; Martino, C.* ; Satriano, C.* ; Sorrentino, S.* ; Stabile, T. A.* ; Vassallo, M.* ; Weber, E.* 
2011PRESTo, the earthquake early warning system for Southern Italy: Concepts, capabilities and future perspectivesSatriano, C.* ; Elia, L.* ; Martino, C.* ; Lancieri, M.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Iannaccone, G.* 
2010A prototype system for earthquake early warning and alert management in southern ItalyIannaccone, G.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Elia, L.* ; Convertito, V.* ; Satriano, C.* ; Martino, C.* ; Festa, G.* ; Lancieri, M.* ; Bobbio, A.* ; Stabile, T. A.* ; Vassallo, M.* ; Emolo, A.* 
2007Reply to comment by P. Rydelek et al. on ‘‘Earthquake magnitude estimation from peak amplitudes of very early seismic signals on strong motion records’’Zollo, A.* ; Lancieri, M.* ; Nielsen, S.*