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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2013Accounting for source effects in the ShakeMap procedure: the 2000 Tottori and the 2008 Miyagi earthquakesSpagnuolo, E.* ; Faenza, L.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; Herrero, A.* ; Michelini, A.* 
13-Nov-2007Approcci deterministici per la stima del moto del suolo: vantaggi e limitiPacor, F.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; Emolo, A.* ; Franceschina, G.* ; Herrero, A.* 
31-Jul-2017Bayesian rupture imaging in a complex medium: The 29 May 2012 Emilia, Northern Italy, earthquakeCausse, Mathieu* ; Cultrera, Giovanna* ; Moreau, Ludovic* ; Herrero, André* ; Schiappapietra, Erika* ; Courboulex, Francoise* 
2016Characteristics of the Strong Ground Motion from the 24th August 2016 Amatrice EarthquakePischiutta, Marta* ; Akinci, Aybige* ; Malagnini, Luca* ; Herrero, André* 
23-Aug-2011Combined effect of basin resonance and source directivity: implications for long period hazard in the Apennines, central ItalyCalderoni, Giovanna* ; Herrero, André* ; Di Alessandro, Carola* 
Dec-2016Comparison of ground motion hybrid simulations to NGA modified GMPE in the Marmara Sea region (Turkey) in a directivity rupture context.Pischiutta, Marta* ; Akinci, Aybige* ; Taroni, Matteo* ; Spagnuolo, Elena* ; Herrero, André* ; Aochi, Hideo* 
2016Coseismic displacement waveforms for the 2016 August 24 Mw 6.0 Amatrice earthquake (central Italy) carried out from high-rate GPS dataAvallone, Antonio* ; Latorre, Diana* ; Serpelloni, Enrico* ; Cavaliere, Adriano* ; Herrero, André* ; Cecere, Gianpaolo* ; D'Agostino, Nicola* ; D'Ambrosio, Ciriaco* ; Devoti, Roberto* ; Giuliani, R.* ; Mattone, M.* ; Calcaterra, S.* ; Gambino, P.* ; Abruzzese, Luigi* ; Cardinale, Vincenzo* ; Castagnozzi, Angelo* ; De Luca, Giovanni* ; Falco, Luigi* ; Massucci, Angelo* ; Memmolo, Antonino* ; Migliari, Franco* ; Minichiello, Felice* ; Moschillo, Raffaele* ; Zarrilli, Luigi* ; Selvaggi, Giulio* 
28-Jun-2009Design earthquakes’ map: an additional tool for engineering seismic risk analysis. Application to southern Apennines (Italy).Convertito, V.* ; Iervolino, I.* ; Herrero, A.* 
1993Details of the rupture Kinematics and mechanism of the 1980 Irpinai earthquake: new results and remaining questionsBernard, P.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Trifu, C.I.* ; Herrero, A.* 
2012The effect of directivity in PSHA frameworkSpagnuolo, E.* ; Herrero, A.* ; Cultrera, G.* 
Sep-2018Hibrid broadband Ground-Motion Simulations for the 2016 Amatrice Earthquake, Central Italy, and Sensitivity of Ground-Motion to Earthquake Source ParametersPischiutta, Marta* ; Akinci, Aybige* ; Tinti, Elisa* ; Cirella, Antonella* ; Herrero, André* 
11-Mar-1999High frequency strong ground motion modelling in the Catania area associated to the Ibleo-Maltese fault systemZollo, A.* ; Emolo, A.* ; Herrero, A.* ; Improta, L.* 
16-May-2003High resolution seismic tomography across the 1980 (Ms 6.9) Southern Italy earthquake fault scarpImprota, L.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Bruno, P. P.* ; Herrero, A.* ; Villani, F.* 
2003High-resolution seismic tomography across the 1980 (Ms 6.9) Southern Italy earthquake fault scarpImprota, L.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Bruno, P. P.* ; Herrero, A.* ; Villani, F.* 
2016Implementing the Effect of the Rupture Directivity on PSHA for the City of Istanbul, TurkeySpagnuolo, Elena* ; Akinci, Aybige* ; Herrero, André* ; Pucci, Stefano* 
Oct-2009Importance of Mapping Design Earthquakes: Insights for the Southern Apennines, ItalyConvertito, V.* ; Iervolino, I.* ; Herrero, A.* 
Dec-2004Influence of focal mechanism in probabilistic seismic hazard analysisConvertito, V.* ; Herrero, A.* 
6-Sep-2010Introduction of seismic source directivity on hazard mapSpagnuolo, E.* ; Herrero, A.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; Spallarossa, D.*
2012Investigating source directivity for the 2012 Ml5.9 Emilia (Northern Italy) earthquake by jointly using High-rate GPS and Strong motion dataAvallone, Antonio* ; Herrero, André* ; Latorre, Diana* ; Rovelli, Antonio* ; D'Anastasio, Elisabetta* 
2-Aug-2004Multiscale imaging of complex structures from multi-fold wide-aperture seismic data by frequency-domain full-waveform inversion: application to a thrust beltRavaut, C.* ; Operto, S.* ; Improta, L.* ; Virieux, J.* ; Herrero, A.* ; Dell'Aversana, P.*