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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20193D Lava flow mapping of the 17-25 May 2016 Etna eruption using tri-stereo optical satellite dataGanci, Gaetana* ; Cappello, Annalisa* ; Zago, Vito* ; Bilotta, Giuseppe* ; Hérault, Alexis* ; Dal Negro, Ciro* 
2020Accuracy Improvements for Single Precision Implementations of the SPH MethodSaikali, Elie* ; Bilotta, Giuseppe* ; Hérault, Alexis* ; Zago, Vito* 
2019Changing Eruptive Styles at the South-East Crater of Mount Etna: Implications for Assessing Lava Flow HazardsCappello, Annalisa* ; Ganci, Gaetana* ; Bilotta, Giuseppe* ; Corradino, Claudia* ; Hérault, Alexis* ; Del Negro, Ciro* 
Oct-2018Design and Implementation of Particle Systems for Meshfree Methods with High PerformanceBilotta, Giuseppe* ; Zago, Vito* ; Hérault, Alexis* 
11-Jun-2014Field data, numerical simulations and probability analyses to assess lava flow hazards at Mount EtnaDel Negro, Ciro* ; Cappello, Annalisa* ; Neri, Marco* ; Bilotta, Giuseppe* ; Hérault, Alexis* ; Ganci, Gaetana* 
2009Forecasting Lava Flow Hazard during the 2006 Etna Eruption: Using the Magflow Cellular Automata ModelHerault, A.* ; Vicari, A.* ; Ciraudo, A.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
9-Nov-2015GPUSPH: a Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics model for the thermal and rheological evolution of lava flowsBilotta, G.* ; Herault, A.* ; Cappello, A.* ; Ganci, G.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
29-Oct-2015HOTSAT: a multiplatform system for the thermal monitoring of volcanic activity using satellite dataGanci, G.* ; Bilotta, G.* ; Cappello, A.* ; Herault, A.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
2019Influence of topographic data uncertainties and model resolution on the numerical simulation of lava flowsBilotta, Giuseppe* ; Cappello, Annalisa* ; Hérault, Alexis* ; Del Negro, Ciro* 
2011LAV@HAZARD: A Web-Gis interface for volcanic hazard assessmentVicari, A.* ; Bilotta, G.* ; Bonfiglio, S.* ; Cappello, A.* ; Ganci, G.* ; Herault, A.* ; Rustico, E.* ; Gallo, G.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
13-Dec-2013Lava flow hazards at Mount Etna: constraints imposed by eruptive history and numerical simulationsDel Negro, C.* ; Cappello, A.* ; Neri, M.* ; Bilotta, G.* ; Herault, A.* ; Ganci, G.* 
2020Living at the edge of an active volcano: Risk from lava flows on Mt. EtnaDel Negro, Ciro* ; Cappello, Annalisa* ; Bilotta, Giuseppe* ; Ganci, Gaetana* ; Hérault, Alexis* ; Zago, Vito* 
30-Jul-2015MAGFLOW: a physics-based model for the dynamics of lava-flow emplacementCappello, A.* ; Herault, A.* ; Bilotta, G.* ; Ganci, G.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
2019Mapping Recent Lava Flows at Mount Etna Using Multispectral Sentinel-2 Images and Machine Learning TechniquesCorradino, Claudia* ; Ganci, Gaetana* ; Cappello, Annalisa* ; Bilotta, Giuseppe* ; Hérault, Alexis* ; Del Negro, Ciro* 
21-Jun-2018Mapping Volcanic Deposits of the 2011–2015 Etna Eruptive Events Using Satellite Remote SensingGanci, Gaetana* ; Cappello, Annalisa* ; Bilotta, Giuseppe* ; Hérault, Alexis* ; Zago, Vito* ; Del Negro, Ciro* 
2007Modelling of the 2001 Lava Flow at Etna Volcano by a Cellular Automata ApproachVicari, A.* ; Herault, A.* ; Del Negro, C.* ; Coltelli, M.* ; Marsella, M.* ; Proietti, C.* 
2011Moving least-squares corrections for smoothed particle hydrodynamicsBilotta, G.* ; Russo, G.* ; Herault, A.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
2011Numerical simulation of lava flow using a GPU SPH modelHerault, A.* ; Bilotta, G.* ; Vicari, A.* ; Rustico, E.* ; Del Negro, C.* 
2011Porting and optimizing MAGFLOW on CUDABilotta, G.* ; Rustico, E.* ; Herault, A.* ; Vicari, A.* ; Russo, G.* ; Del Negro, C.* ; Gallo, G.* 
2019Preliminary validation of lava benchmark tests on the GPUSPH particle engineZago, Vito* ; Bilotta, Giuseppe* ; Cappello, Annalisa* ; Dalrymple, Robert* ; Fortuna, Luigi* ; Ganci, Gaetana* ; Hérault, Alexis* ; Del Negro, Ciro*