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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2011Assimilating Along-Track Altimetric Observations through Local Hydrostatic Adjustment in a Global Ocean Variational Assimilation SystemStorto, A.* ; Dobricic, S.* ; Masina, S.* ; Di Pietro, P.* 
2012Assimilation of SLA along track observations in the Mediterranean with an oceanographic model forced by atmospheric pressureDobricic, S.* ; Dufau, C.* ; Oddo, P.* ; Pinardi, N.* ; Pujol, I.* ; Rio, M. H.* 
2007Daily oceanographic analyses by the Mediterranean basin scale assimilation systemDobricic, S.* ; Pinardi, N.* ; Adani, M.* ; Tonani, M.* ; Fratianni, C.* ; Bonazzi, A.* ; Fernandez, V.* 
2013Ensemble spread-based assessment of observation impact: Application to a global ocean analysis systemStorto, A.* ; Masina, S.* ; Dobricic, S.* 
Oct-2014Estimation and Impact of Nonuniform Horizontal Correlation Length Scales for Global Ocean Physical AnalysesStorto, A.* ; Masina, S.* ; Dobricic, S.* 
2009Forecast and analysis assessment through skill scoresTonani, M.* ; Pinardi, N.* ; Fratianni, C.* ; Dobricic, S.* 
5-Oct-2009Global oceanographic variational data assimilation of in-situ observations and space-borne altimeter data for reanalysis applicationsStorto, A.* ; Dobricic, S.* ; Masina, S.* ; Di Pietro, P.* 
2008A High Resolution Free Surface Model of the Mediterranean SeaTonani, M.* ; Pinardi, N.* ; Dobricic, S.* ; Pujol, I.* ; Fratianni, C.* 
2010Impact of data assimilation of glider observations in the Ionian Sea (Eastern Mediterranean)Dobricic, S.* ; Pinardi, N.* ; Testor, P.* ; Send, U.* 
2013Impact of Levantine Intermediate Water on the interannual variability of the Adriatic Sea based on simulations with a fine resolution ocean modelGunduz, Murat* ; Dobricic, Srdjan* ; Oddo, Paolo* ; Pinardi, Nadia* ; Guarnieri, Antonio* 
2010Impact of Multialtimeter Sea Level Assimilation in the Mediterranean Forecasting ModelPujol, M.-I.* ; Dobricic, S.* ; Pinardi, N.* ; Adani, M.* 
2006An improved calculation of Coriolis terms on the C gridDobricic, S. 
2010Integration of Argo trajectories in the Mediterranean Forecasting System and the impact on the regional analysis of the Western Mediterranean circulationTaillandier, V.* ; Dobricic, S.* ; Pinardi, N.* ; Testor, P.* ; Griffa, A.* ; Mortier, L.* ; Gasparini, G. P.* 
2008Ionian Sea circulation as clarified by assimilation of glider observationsDobricic, S.* ; Pinardi, N.* ; Testor, P.* ; Send, U.* 
9-Sep-2009Marine climate change and environmental indicators from the Marine Core ServiceCoppini, Giovanni* ; Lyubartsev, Vladyslav* ; Pinardi, Nadia* ; Fratianni, Claudia* ; Tonani, Marina* ; Adani, Mario* ; Oddo, Paolo* ; Dobricic, Srdjan* ; Marullo, Salvatore* ; Loewe, Peter* ; Santoleri, Rosalia* ; Colella, Simone* ; Volpe, Gianluca* 
7-Dec-2009Mediterranean Forecasting System: forecast and analysis assessment through skill scoresTonani, M.* ; Pinardi, N.* ; Fratianni, C.* ; Pistoia, J.* ; Dobricic, S.* ; Pensieri, S.* ; de Alfonso, M.* ; Nittis, K.* 
May-2008The Mediterranean ocean Forecasting SystemTonani, Marina* ; Pinardi, Nadia* ; Adani, Mario* ; Bonazzi, Alessandro* ; Coppini, Giovanni* ; De Dominicis, Michela* ; Dobricic, Srdjan* ; Drudi, Massimiliano* ; Fabbroni, Nicoletta* ; Fratianni, Claudia* ; Grandi, Alessandro* ; Lyubartsev, Vladyslav* ; Oddo, Paolo* ; Pettenuzzo, Daniele* ; Pistoia, Jenny* ; Pujol, Isabelle* 
May-2008The Mediterranean ocean Forecasting SystemTonani, M.* ; Pinardi, N.* ; Adani, M.* ; Bonazzi, A.* ; Coppini, G.* ; De Dominicis, M.* ; Dobricic, S.* ; Drudi, M.* ; Fabbroni, N.* ; Fratianni, C.* ; Grandi, A.* ; Lyubartesev, S.* ; Oddo, P.* ; Pettenuzzo, D.* ; Pistoia, J.* ; Pujol, I.* 
2015Mediterranean Sea large-scale low-frequency ocean variability and water mass formation rates from 1987 to 2007: A retrospective analysisPinardi, Nadia* ; Zavatarelli, M.* ; Adani, Mario* ; Coppini, Giovanni* ; Fratianni, Claudia* ; Oddo, Paolo* ; Simoncelli, Simona* ; Tonani, Marina* ; Lyubartsev, V.* ; Dobricic, S.* ; Bonaduce, A.* 
1-Apr-2011MyOcean Scientific Validation Report (ScVR) for WP9 – Med-MFCNilsson, Jenny* ; Vladyslav, Lyubartsev* ; Grandi, Alessandro* ; Teruzzi, Anna* ; Bolzon, Giorgio* ; Drudi, Massimiliano* ; Tonani, Marina* ; Oddo, Paolo* ; Adani, Mario* ; Dobricic, Srdjan* ; Fratianni, Claudia*